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Thumbtack Reviews in a Pros profile

Can somebody please explain to me please explain to me why thumbtack does not list your reviews in chronological order when you look at your profile as a customer. .I believe this is a recent update. Reviews used to be listed in chronological order. I would assume that Thumbtack customers also see your reviews not in chronological order?


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Re: Thumbtack Reviews in a Pros profile

@sttnyc The most complete, recent, and verified reviews will appear first. For example, a recent verified review with a photo of the job will appear before an older unverified review without an image. The customer view will show them accurately sorted and will be what customers actually see when viewing your profile. When you're logged in and viewing your profile, we show you your reviews in chronological order so that you can keep track of your reviews in the order and time that they came in.

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