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Thumbtack Success

I really like Thumbtack even though i have posted some frustrating posts (like many of us).

But i know they are trying to make things better and work for all of us the best they can, yes slowly, but im sure they're working on it.

If they would get people that owned their business and had experience in each of the fields listed in the 'services' category, and let THEM give the necessary feedback that they know would work for both parties, i believe Thumbtack would be the best thing ever.

Example: I have 2 businesses here on Thumbtack, one is my construction company, the other is my media company which i do on the side, (Duclos Media) video editing, videography, graphic design, logos, etc.

 For my construction part, it pretty clear on what needs to be done because the categories are listed clearly since there aren't too many things to get confused of. It will say the client needs painting, or teturing, or wallpaper removal, or tile, or anything specific thats obvious, you get the idea. I can pretty much guess if i can or should send a quote based on what i see in the description.

 However, in my other multimedia business, is very vague a lot of the times. More than you would think unless you are also in that trade and know what i am talking baout.

 I will get a request for : Animation

- I know what i want

-budget: under $250 (which usaully means $50)

-message: No

I used to send bids before when it was the 'pay as you send' method. Then i would get a reply from the client that wanted something that i don't even do or they input the wrong thing they wanted because they didn't know what to call it. They would want an 'Illustraion drawn' but that is by hand and not animation. So i would have to reply that i don't do that and the request said they wanted Animation. They would say "Oh, sorry" and there goes my money for nothing. This has happened on numerous occasions. Now its scary to respond because i don't know what the client wants. Just a vague Animation, or video editing (and then come to find out they want the wind noise removed from their wedding vows so they can hear themselves which is almost 100% impossible). I have told a TT rep many times that they should have a box that they need to describe what the clients needs in a brief decrption before they are allowed to send anything forward. Im sure im not the only one on here that has had this problem. I have lost so many jobs because i didn't want to waste my money on a 'chance' i can do what the client wants. This is a big issue for me and im sure others.

So my point is, if people like me and others who know what will work for them and people like them in the industry, the feedback will be solid as can be. But instead i think Thumbtack has I.T. people that are smart in web design, marketing,etc, but they never have run their own business and don't know some of the most simple things that we as pros need and want for out business. It's not just about numbers, it's about doing it right.

I only reply to requests now that leave a description message in the box and gives a little detail of what they need done. How many jobs am i missing out on? It's too expensive to fond out.

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