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Thumbtack is not showing the last name of the Job Poster to the Pros in 'Messages'

Thumbtack is not showing the last name of the Job Poster to Pros when the Pro follows the link to the Lead sent in an email.

When I receive a Lead by email, I am given an opportunity to enter directly into the 'Messages' area (my inbox) of my portal at this address:

So, I assess the situation and it is clear that I have paid for the lead because I accepted it. The Job Poster selected me and sent me their request via Thumbtack. I think the name for this is a 'Direct Lead'.

Having paid for this Lead, I feel that I have a right to know who I am communicating with via my inbox. But I am unable to see anything more than the Job Poster's first name and the first initial of the Job Poster's last name. I feel shortchanged. But I respond to the Job Poster and they respond to me in just a few minutes. They are the perfect Job Poster, but I still am unable to see their last name.

I get Thumbtack Support on the phone and am told that I can surely see their name, and the supoort person tells me or shows me the last name. But in my inbox I have an ongoing dialog with a person who has only one letter as a last name.

Support tels me that all I must do it click on the lead. Where would I do this? I have already followed the link that was embedded in the blue box at the bottom of my email that said .... Lead. Should I take more steps to reveal the last name. Well finally the curtain is drawn back and I am told to leave my dialog (inbox) with the customer, go to my list of leads and click on the lead in question and BAM! I now get to see the full last name of my Lead.

So, I ask the Thumbtack support person to forward this as a request to have the Thumbtack software automate the exposure of the lead's last name. I am confident that the programmers can do this. They know what button I clcked to get to my inbox. The blue button that has the word 'Lead' in it which they put into my email.

Thanks for listening.

John C Hansen, LEED AP
Hansen Home Inspections
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