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Thumbtack is too lax on who can claim they are a Pro

I do video production (commercial, non-profit, NOT weddings).  I have profiles in 27 different markets.  I'm noticing that there are people/companies listed as Pros under Video Production that don't do video produciton at all (they just do still photography or something else).  Their bio doesn't mention video, they have no video samples, yet they come up in the top 5 under Video Produciton in search results in certain cities. 

I'm sorry, I don't think you should be able to just check a box and say that you do that service.  I think you should have to prove it to Thumbtack to be listed on the search results.  I don't want to compete with companies who don't actually do the service that the customer is looking for.  This is a waste of "valuable" space on the platform.

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Moderator Kameron

Re: Thumbtack is too lax on who can claim they are a Pro

@StoriesUpSTL if a pro is mainly in one category and decides that they would like to expand their business into other types of jobs, we don't want to stop them from doing so. At the same time, I don't like hearing that you're experiencing some frustrations with this. Do you have any ideas for solutions on how we can have a fair compromise in this case?

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Re: Thumbtack is too lax on who can claim they are a Pro

@Kameron How about just asking for some proof that they do that service.  If a photographer does video production as well and are coming up in search results for video production because they checked the correct boxes, I think they should have to prove that they do video production.  They should have to upload a sample video.  I personally think that some of this is happening because Thumbtack's filters aren't working 100%.  Or maybe photographers are getting thrown in the mix when there are less than X Pros who do Video Production and have a review.  I know I've been complaining about showing up under Wedding Videography searches for about a month now to no avail.  So maybe some of the photographers are showing up under Video Production even though they don't want to?

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