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Tire Kickers

Just found an obvious tire kicker in the Jobs tab.

States quite clearly that they are "wondering what the cost of an engagement session and wedding wound (sic) be."

Their stated range is fro $500-$2000.

The quote costs $42.72. That's 8.5% of the low end of the range.

I know that TT says that if they don't respond or just say no, then there's no charge, but if they say ANYTHING else that's half my groceries for a week down the tube.

We, as Pros, need a way to ask for more information BEFORE being charged for a quote.

TT is trying to commoditize lots of things that are truly custom.

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Re: Tire Kickers

@PhoenixPhotog the Opportunities (previously Jobs tab) is a place for you to look and see if any projects specifically stand out to you for quoting on. If not, then you can always pass on them. I do hear what you're saying in that this job could have fit you, but you were unsure due to the amount of information the customer chose to give. What specific information would you have liked to be included in this project before quoting?

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Re: Tire Kickers

@Kameron I use the Opportunities tab frequently and have had some success at converting a number of leads.  However, I also run into similar situations as described here.  In answer to your question from my perspective:

  • don't allow the job request to be considered "complete" (and then posted to the system) unless ALL fields are filled in, especially the text box describing what the job poster needs done.
  • there are some categories that need to have much more granularity in order for them to be useful to Pros and reduce the amount of unnecessary effort and cost on our part.  In my realm, "Handyman" is my biggest problem.  TT should recognize that not all job posters correctly classify their jobs.  Welding work that I do gets posted under Metalwork, Furniture Repair, Fence/Gate and Handyman (although there is no metalworking or welding subcategory under Handyman).  The category selected by the job poster is determined by what THEY choose, regardless of whether TT or I think that is actually correct.  I think TT job categories should be expanded to anticipate that, rather than trying to force job posters to do something they won't.  Make the software work for the humans, rather than making the humans work FOR the software.


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Re: Tire Kickers

@lmheim thanks for sharing, I'll make sure to note this feedback. 

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