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Top 10 ways to make the new system better

A lot of people, myself included love the old system (before Promote, before Instant Match).  Here are some suggestions on how to make Promote better for all industries:

1)  Do a better job of directing the customer each step of the way.  When they see the list of pros, there is no clear/obvious direction of what to do next.  Even the blue "Get started" box just scrolls the page back to the top.  Make the UI better.

2)  Create more paramters.  We need more details to bid on these jobs.  Save the customer the headache of answering the same questions 4-5 times.  Ask the Top Pros in each industry what questions should be on the form.

3)  Require customer budgets -  SHOW ME THE MONEY! or at least tell me how much you are looking to spend on your project.  Then allow Pros to filter out requests based on budget.

4)  Give a 25% credit back to a contacted pro when the customer doesn't hire on Thumbtack.  It's frustrating not winning the job, but it's even more frustating when you don't think the job was real to begin with.  I think this will help ensure Thumbtack continues to build a better platform for showcasing all the great Pros they have to offer.

5)  Move manual bids to the customer's inbox.  Do a better job of notifying the customer that they have a new bid.  Currently they are hidden and many are never viewed.  

6)  Create a better pipeline for requesting refunds.  Send the Pro an email with the date/time of the refund request.  Respond to every request in a timely manner.  Explain to the Pro why they did or didn't receive the refund.

7)  Have some sort of social media verifciation.  Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  Maybe not a requirement, but allow Pros to see a green check for these verifications before bidding.  Also allow Pros to filter out requests by people who don't have this verification.  Would help weed out the fake leads and the optics of fake leads.

8)  Remove the canned responses from customers.  Can we make the Pro hiring experience a little more human please?

9)  Charge less per contact. 

10)  Divide the platform into two camps:  Personal projects and B2B projects.  Could be the very first question you ask the customer "Is this a personal project/task or is this for a business".  Allow pros that only want to to B2B to opt out of personal projects.

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Re: Top 10 ways to make the new system better

Great ideas!

Velvet Oasis Events
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Re: Top 10 ways to make the new system better


Great post!!

All excellent suggestions for improvement. Hopefully they hear you. I've given suggestions and hate to repeat it, but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.


Re: Top 10 ways to make the new system better

@StoriesUpSTL I appreciate the amount of effort and time that I'm sure you took to write this post. It certainly shows how much you care and want Thumbtack to work for you, and we want you to know that we feel the same way. I'll be sharing many of the ideas you've expressed here and also want to talk about a few others. 

1&2 have been a big focus for us and we have teams working to make these better, though more questions may not always be better we want to make sure we're asking customers the right questions.

3. While we don't necessarily require budgets from customers, depending on the category it will sometimes be there for them to choose from in the filters when searching for their pro. One great part about pros listing their pricing is it will help customers choose those pros who are within the price ranges that they have in mind. 

5. is one that we've talked about recently and I made sure to share your feedback on. 

6. We've been working hard to make this process more convenient and clear. In the meantime, when it comes to refunds be sure to check out our help center page about our policy here: If you paid for a lead in one of the listed situations, click the Dispute a charge link below. We’ll review the charge to see if it qualifies for a refund. 

9. If you have more specifics to share about pricing for your category or certain job and what you feel is more fair I'd be happy to share them. 


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Re: Top 10 ways to make the new system better


Most professional videographers that have a good amount of overhead (i.e., an office/studio that they pay rent for...not working out of their homes) aren't going to entertain the idea of doing something for less than $750 - $1000 (shoot only) and $1500 - $2000 (1 day shoot + edit).


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Get more information about potential customers

I really have a problem with how we get charged for leads because as long as the customer doesn't decline our purposal and answers anything they want to, we get charged for the lead.  I think the customer needs to be giving more information up front about the project in order for us to decide whether we want to quote it or not.  As it is, they give a very vague scenario of what they are wanting and we have to probe them for more information and then most of the time get even more vague information or the job becomes completely out of our scopr and yet we are charged for the lead.  I find this very frustrating.

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