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Re: Top pro Status

We understand that we can decline the lead if we are not using promote. However, this is a lead that might be a good match. We still have to pass on it because it is missing a few or even one inportant bit of information. Since TT cannot possible know what are great quiestions for each field, the pros should be able to ask the client questions before we are charged for sending in a quote. 

Re: Top pro Status

Excellet idea!

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Re: Top pro Status

I have the exact same issue. Customers do not give me enough info so I can't possibly send a quote. Back in the day, asking a question was free! I have mentioned this numerous times to TT people, and asked that they have filling in certain fields "required", but of course, no one listens.

Re: Top pro Status

What do you mean by "back in the day, asking questions was free"? Prior to the new system, you had to pay to communicate with them at all - you had to pay to respond to any request and that was going on as long as 5 years ago. Was it different before that?

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Re: Top pro Status

I have the same issu as well.  I'm nowhere close to Pro Status and don't see how I can get there as there seems to be very few lead for Video Surveillance Installs ( camera systems) or Structured Cabling ( voice, data and video cabling).

If I understand TT, I wouldn't be charged for a lead unless I respond to the lead.  What happens when I respond and the customer has no further communication. At that point, the lead was a waste of money. 

How about the instances where the customer directly contacts you for a job, you respond and there is no further communication from the customer.  Again, that turns into a waste of money.  This has happened to me several times.

One of my big gripes is the customer typically wants a quote, but doesn't begin to give enough information.  I  foolishly take a chance and respone suggesting a site survey and never hear from the customer.  How can I quote a camera installation without seeing the home or business.  Without seeing the location, I can't accurately decide what cameras or recording device would be appropriate and I  can't determine how the cables are to be routed.  Hw cold I send a quote with such lack of information.  As far as I'm concerned, this information should be included in the lead.


So far, TT hasn't been a good value.

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Re: Top pro Status

I also can't give estimates without a walk-through. Here's a tactic which might help if you are asked for an estimate without getting enough info:

If I want the job, I've started answering those inquiries with an explanation of why I can't give the estimate and why I therefore want a walk-through, AND the reason why I'm qualified to come in to give the estimate. It has helped persuade some people who might otherwise refuse to continue the conversation. This is my language, you are welcome to use it as a model.


I like to continue this conversation with a free one-hour walk-through to take a look at your situation. It's one of my tools for confirming that I'm bringing the right skills and resources to a project, and it's a chance for you to decide if we would be a good fit. An estimate depends on many factors, including but not limited to the size of your space(s), how difficult they are to get in and out of, how much and how many different kinds of stuff you have, and how much and what kinds of help you want. A walk-through is also a much more interactive, and therefore more accurate, method for me to explain the process and how it would be effective for you. If we do begin a partnership, I charge $75/hour.

I've collaborated with clients in every room in a house, attic to basement, home office, home business, garage, shed, storage units and even a horse barn. I help with arts & crafts, paperwork, memorabilia, laundry, leftover microwaves in corners and I'm comfortable with many levels of disorganization. I also like kids, cats, dogs and more exotic pets! I've worked with over 250 clients to get their stuff sorted and systems in place for them to use, put away and find their items again OR let go whenever necessary: "stuff" management, time and stress management and space planning are all involved.

I work some weekends, some weeknights and of course weekdays. I can often begin as early as 8:00AM or start as late as 6:00PM. If you will give me your full address so I can calculate my travel time, and several dates/times which are convenient for you, I'll cheerfully match an opportunity to my calendar as soon as possible.

I'm a Certified Professional Organizer(R) of the Natl Assn of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) who makes my clients laugh every session. Take a look at my Thumbtack profile, my website, Facebook and Pinterest pages. Please feel free to call me or email me if you like what you see.

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Re: Top pro Status

@CasualUnclutter this is so great! thank you for sharing!

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Re: Top pro Status

Kameron, I haven't a clue how to do this, so if you can/want to do so you are welcome. If you think this is a comment which ought to be more widely spread, go ahead. Stick it anywhere that might be useful. Lauren

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Re: Top pro Status



followup question:


If say im talking to a lead, ask them for a phone number and then call them, thumbtack still seems to leave me on the "did not reply" status. But by that time, ive already called and scheduled an onsite visit. Does this negativly effect my pro status?

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Re: Top pro Status

Another issue is maintaining the star rating. Granted we are all going to get the unsatisfied customer, goes with the territory. The issue I have found is that some customers do not give a 5 star review. As one lady told me, 5 stars means everything is perfect. There is no such thing as perfect. We have recieved reviews, and the write up makes us sound great, but 4 stars. 

So the only way I have found around this is, when someone says things like that, I say in that case if you really like our work, please do not write a review, because it will cost us in the end. Now some may think that we only earned a 4, and maybe we did, but the few cases this happened, the same customer referred us to a neighbor or a family member. I will take a refferal over a review anyday.

Anyone else run into this? And if so, what is the best way to overcome it?