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Re: Top pro Status

@JasonB - is there a way to shut this off if we're on vacation or otherwise unavailable?  I often work a little on weekends, but if I'm out of town or completely offline for a week or so, this could really hurt my response rate.  In these cases, does it make sense to set our weekly budget to zero so we don't get requests (while hoping no one we bid on in the last few weeks decides now is the time to contact us)?

Shareen Mann
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Re: Top pro Status

@The-Write-Mann @JasonB I've asked about this and no one at TT seems to have a good answer. This is just one more way TT Pros are left guessing when using this site now. I can't control when and if a client responds to me and this is a shame that some random messages can negatively affect our Top Pro status. In general, Top Pros respond to our client's messages asap. That's why we get booked often and earned Top Pro status in the first place. I think this new response time criteria is an unneccessary hassle. 

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Community Manager JasonB
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Re: Top pro Status

If you're on Instant Match and going away for a couple of days, all you have to do is pause Instant Match and you'll be all set.

If you're not on Instant Match, you can just set your budget for the week to $0, so that you won't get any contacts.  Or, you can message the folks you've sent a quote to letting them know you'll be out of town, or pass on those jobs.  

Alternatively, you can leave your budget as is and just wait to respond to those contacts until you're back.  While these responses will be over 24 hours, keep in mind that the Top Pro criteria is that you respond to contacts within 24 hours at least 75% of the time.  That 75% is measured over the course of a year.  So, 1 week of taking more than 24 hours shouldn't keep you from qualifying.

And @Denise: not all pros respond quickly, which is why we added this criteria.  We know that customers hire based on responsiveness, and we know it makes for a better customer experience when pros respond quickly.  Because our Top Pros are meant to represent the best of Thumbtack, requiring them to respond quickly seems to make a lot of sense to customers and pros alike.

Hope that helps!

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Re: Top pro Status

I had no budget set but was still getting requests for quotes so I guess I'm confused by your statement, "If you're not on Instant Match, you can just set your budget for the week to $0, so that you won't get any contacts." What am I misunderstanding here?

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Community Manager JasonB
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Re: Top pro Status

Hey @QuilterinIowa!

When we talk about responsiveness, we're talking about the time it takes you to respond to a *contact* (in other words, a message from a customer, after they've viewed your quote) -- not the time it takes you to respond to a request to quote.  

So, if you're getting requests to quote and not actually quoting, that won't affect your Top Pro response rate.  We only care about the time it takes you to respond to a contact.

Hope that helps!

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Re: Top pro Status

I lost my top pro status due to this new limitation. This particular requirement category is problematic for  TT's flawed algorithm to track correctly.

Some of the pros have mentioned some of the issues with TT's responsive calculation.

One mentioned was after hours.. but TT still defended it.. well your time hasn't ran out.. well maybe 12 hours have ran out .. just track during business hours etc.. that is a valid comment that was made IMO.


I'll add a couple of issues with the "new" requirement  "responsiveness" too.

1.  TT tracking this is not fair or moot many times.. because there is a customer rating for Pro's responsiveness.  So why is it fair for TT to ignore customer reviews over their questionable at best "new" requirement.

2. TT doesn't publish to the Pro which customers they believe are not being responded correctly too.

3.  I think this following example case may have nailed me.. but it's hard to say..


Customer:  " I'd like you to do the job, when can you start!

Pro:  "Great!,  I have availability tomorrow morning say..  9 to 9:30?

Customer "Sounds great!  see you then!"

The last response is made by a customer but I know what to respond and what not to.. I don't need a TT problematic big-brother to track how I respond.  How do I know if TT dinged me  because I didn't keep responding in that case?  The case above it's IMO common sense to not respond to every text editique posted.

TT Pro  "O thank for sending me  "that sounds great" response... so glad you agree ..etc"   Some pros.. might be that type of person that doesn't know how to end a phone call.

TT shouldn't punish my performance for a customers that have rated me with a 5 Stars in responsiveness!

Leave to the customers and trust them  to review with a bad "responsive" rating.. if they feel that way.  TT sure sends enough "please review requests" out.. even before I'm done with the job many times.

Now it appears I have to delight my customers and now some CEO's dujour requirement.

I know TT keeps defending this .. but I think people here have valid comments and they should be passed on to the Top Pro badge review team.



Re: Top pro Status

[I deleted this portion due to comment based on invalid information]

Several times a day a wedding comes in with a $250 budget and it's easily a $2500 job!!! I had one request with a $1500 budget and they wanted $57,000 worth of products and services!!!!! I kid you not that their full budgets don't even cover what I would require as a small deposit to hold the date!!!

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Re: Top pro Status

@DefiningImagery as has been stated several times in this thread, the "75% within 24 hour response rate" is not referring to requests that you can choose to bid on. It is only referring to replying to a customer when they respond to a quote that you previously sent. 

Ignore as many requests as you like. When you do send a quote, and a customer reaches out to you about it, you have to respond 75% of the time within 24 hours.

Re: Top pro Status

Oh, I'm sorry. Thank you for clarifying. Smiley Happy

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Re: Top pro Status

@DefiningImagery I've had similar experiences with clients who want champagne with a malt liquor budget. LOL. This is why I had to turn off IM. I tell IM what my price is for each project and they still send out quotes to clients that want to pay 10% of my price. 

On that note, at least all of your clients are required to state their budget. In one of my categories, the clients are not even asked what their budget is or how many people we are supposed to provide services to at an event. This hampers the way we do business. Some clients want you to provide henna tattoos to 10 people at a 3 hour event. This is a laid back environment and every guests can get something elegant and beautiful done within the 3 hours. However, another request can be from a staff person at a school trying to get you to do henna on 500 kids in 2 hours at a school event. This is impossible for 1 person in even 10 hours!!! These are two VERY different types of jobs and TT should require the client to let us know in advance what we are bidding on exactly and how much their budget is. I hate sending in a quote just to have the client ask me if I can do 500 kids in 2 hours just so I can explain to them that they would have to hire at least 5 other artists. The client is irritated and so am I because I was charged for this. This is so unfair to price gouge us for contacts that have unrealistic expectations that we don't know about because TT won't ask them simple questions that we need to quote properly.