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Top pro Status

I just have a question regarding Top Pro Status "new" guidelines. Per your customer service rep they are saying I need to respond to 75% Of all notifications or I lose my Top Pro status. I don't think that is fair because my books are full. I can not take on another customer, without compromising my quality of service to my customers. Is any one else faced with this problem?
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Re: Top pro Status

Hi @Psa1thingsclean great question! 

First of all, so awesome that your books are full - what a wonderful feeling! (I hope Thumbtack has had something to do with that).

Your response rate is based on responses to customers who have messaged you. This can mean - replying back to the customer or passing on the job. We just don't want to leave the customers hanging.

Does that make sense? Hope this helps.



Re: Top pro Status

Hi Dusti,
The customer service rep with whom I spoke to made it very clear if I do not respond 75% to the instamatch customers or any other customers that I get notifications from, whether they are directly directed to me or not. I will lose my "Top Pro" status. This just is not far in my opinion because if I am full on my client books does not mean I am NOT still delivering "Top Pro" services it just means I am full but I should not lose my status if I am full from using Thumbtacks site. If that is how "Top Pros" who work so hard to get this destination is treated, then why would we want to continue paying for your services?
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Re: Top pro Status

@Psa1thingsclean @QuilterinIowa@Pat

Good morning! Sorry for the delayed response! I am not sure what you were told on the phone, but the response rate is based on customers who have contacted you we just don't want customers to be reaching out and not getting any response. This doesn't mean you need to take on the jobs - you can pass on the job as well. If any of you want to direct message me, I am happy to look in to your acounts for you and help you further! Sorry for the confusion Smiley Happy

Re: Top pro Status

I haven't had this problem myself, though I hope to.   It would be great if there was a way for pros to keep their Thumbtack account live and note that they are closed to new clients.  Basically a banner or flag that says, "We're busy and have no availability for new clients at this time.  Please check back <insert interval>."  And if the system either didn't allow messages or didn't count them in this Top Pro calculation during this time frame.

It's a waste of everyone's time (and money depending on how charges work on instant match, or in the future with fees per contact) if clients research and message folks who are unavailable and those pros have to respond with a "We can't take on another client just now, but thanks for checking with us."

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just received a request for services

I recently removed my credit card info because the last response resulted in a $17 charge for not even being hired. I only charge $45 an hour! How can I chance responding with a quote when, again, there is no guarantee of being hired as well as not knowing what Thumbtack would have charged me this time. Sad! I really feel I could have helped this client + they're local! ...Can't chance the $ until Thumbtack makes changes to current charges for just being contacted ...too risky!
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Re: Top pro Status

Please see my coment i just posted on this thread. feel free to look at my information and contact me at anytime. 

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Re: Top pro Status

This response is confusing.  Thumbtack you want us to respond to customers

who message us.  However, if they are messaging us for a quote and we don't have 

enough info to give them a quote, we are charged either way regardless of whether or not

it is a job we want to accept.  There should always be a free option for us to message the customer

to say we need more details before we can give a quote.  There have been several instances where

customers have reached out to me, but because there was not enough info to accurately get the scope

of a project, upon speaking to Thumbtack customer service, I was told to pass on the request.




Re: Top pro Status

@rachelalvesphot I'm glad you were able to reach out and speak with our support teams. To try and help clarify further, your account is set up currently so that you can choose whether to accept or deny a contact because you're not using Promote. If you decide to pass on a lead that comes your way due to lack of information you will not be charged. 

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Re: Top pro Status

Yes, we can choose to accept or deny contact with or without having enough information.  

Say it's a headshot for 5 to 10 people on their place of work with a budget of $500.

What are they using the images for, is it 5 subject or is it 10, is it a building with lots of natural light

or does one need to bring in their own lighting, what is the turn around time?  What style of photography

are they looking for?  These are questions that help me determine if I can do it at the price they are asking.

Without the ability to respond with I need more info, or just to respond with a request for more details without being

charged and responding with a no, not enough info is a shame.  We should be able to respond.