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Wedding coordinator

When I see the budget listed for wedding coordinators ( for instance $600-$800 or $1200-$2000) is that for the wedding coordinator fee or for the whole wedding?
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Re: Wedding coordinator

Hi. How are you? Take a look at what they are requesting. If the category is for "Planner" or "Coordinator", then that is their budget for you. Look at the services that they are needing and quote in accordance to your fees. If you win the bid, you can then ask what their ENTIRE budget is.
I hope this helps.

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Re: Wedding coordinator

Thank you for weighing in, @FinerSoul!

@Cmang02a, hope this helps!

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Re: Wedding coordinator

I wonder myself. What i do is respond with what i will charge. And if it works they get back to me and if it dose not i dont hear from them.

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