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What is your QVR since 1/20/19?

Hello fellow Pros!  What is your Quote View Rate since 1/20/19?

I just ran the numbers since the new system went live on 1/20/19.

Sitting on a horrible 41% quote view rate for 74 quotes.

I believe there to be some higher dollar jobs that I know I'd have a good chance of landing if only they saw my quote.  I know Thumbtack's argument is "You are paying per contact.".  But to me, I just think of it as me paying Thumbtack a sum of money each month.  In theory, there could be 2-3 of my best customers for the year in that group of 44 that never saw my quote.  But now I have to try and track them down on LinkedIn and/or their companies website. 

Part of the justification to myself of spending $25-$35 per lead is that I'm getting a somewhat quality lead.  But it seems as if I am only truly "getting" a certain percentage of the leads.  Is that the good 40%, the bad 40%, the middle 40%?  Who knows?  

I'm also assuming (and I could be wrong on this) that the reason I can go through all these 2 week old sent messages is because the customer hasn't hired anyone or cancelled the job and the job hasn't been archived.  So the whole argument of not wanting to overwhelm the customers with too many quotes goes out the window.  These customers haven't found what they were looking for.  But my quote hides in their Thumbtack customer account and they never see it.  Makes sense.  



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Re: What is your QVR since 1/20/19?


I don't know what my percentages are, but know my numbers are way down, compared to two weeks ago. It's not a lack of people wanting a DJ(my business), but a lack of being matched with good fit customers. I'm told that TT knows who's a good fit for me by  using preferences to TRY to match us with customers. Old system allowed the Pros to match with customers we thought were good fit for us.

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Re: What is your QVR since 1/20/19?

@StoriesUpSTL are you referring to Search Results? If so, that actually went live a few months ago, not on January 20th. Is it just recently that you’re noticing a decline in quotes viewed? I’m seeing that you have a great number of different profiles on your account, are you noticing a decrease in all of them or is there a few in particular? 


As far as customers viewing your quotes, I see you've been speaking with @Kameron about that on this thread. He's given you a lot of great information so be sure to look that over! 

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Re: What is your QVR since 1/20/19?

@Meckell No, I'm just refering to the fact that push notifications and emails in the format of "Customer Name is looking for Name of Service in Name of City" stopped for me on the night of 1/20/19.  I wasted a lot of time on the phone and emailing that week trying to find out if it was a glitch with my account until I finally had a couple Thumbtack CSRs tell me it was a change in the platform.  An email notifying me of the change would have been nice.

I can't calculate the viewed rate on past quotes right now, but I'm pretty sure it has been at or below 40% for all profiles for a while now.  

Whatever @Kameron is telling me is not going to fix the problem because the problem is with your system.  I can't win a job if the customer is not aware of my quote.   Thumbtack also can't make money off of a contact if the customer never sees my quote.  @Kameron said "If the customer reaches out to a pro and then starts hearing back from up to 10 other pros it can be an awkward/overwhelming experience for the customer."  You know what is also awkward?  Customers telling their friends that Thumbtack doesn't work because they didn't find the "right Pro" on the platform.  I have documented proof that your system is doing a poor job of making customers aware of all the manually sent quotes they should be receiving.  

I have no problem with losing out to another Thumbtack Pro that the customer chooses over me.  I'm not going to win every job.  But when your system hides my quotes from a customer you are hurting me, the customer, and your company.  44 sent messages is a lot in 15 days.  I think my hire history shows that there is a very good chance that I could have landed one of those jobs.  But your company would rather not make it awkward/overwhelming for these cusotmers than try to A)  Help them connect with ALL Pros that are interested.  B)  Make more money?  This seems to go against the whole point of why Thumbtack was started in the beginning.