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Why are budgets and prices not under Video Production?

In Wedding and Events Videography you can set the budgets that you work with and you can also list your prices.

Why is this not available for the Video Produciton category?

This is the biggest deterrent for me not using Promote.  I don't want to get charged for customers that reach out to me and are looking to spend $100.

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Moderator Kameron

Re: Why are budgets and prices not under Video Production?

@StoriesUpSTL Some services were determined to be a bit tougher for pros to give an accurate price up front. However, I can definitely understand your point on how Wedding/Events Videography could be similar to Video production in that way. I'll be passing along your feedback, but for now, I suggest adding a starting price or rough outline of that pricing in your profile to let customers know the minimum amount they’re likely to spend.

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Re: Why are budgets and prices not under Video Production?

@Kameron,  The point is not to just say "I will do your video for $X" to the customer. The point is to set a minimum that I'm willing to entertain for a project.  If you do weddings and event videography, you can uncheck the "$ Basic" box.  Videographers who run Promote and only do work of a certain price point are subject to getting charged for customers that have no business contacting them.

I really wish you guys would change these to dollar amounts anyways.  If I understand your system correctly, a customer can say that they want "$$$ Premium" service and then set their budget as "Under $500".  There is no point to putting the "$" next to the level of service and having a budget range that can contradict it.  Take the "$" out of the level of service.  This is like saying "Budget Luxury Car" or "Fast Casual Fine Dining".  

Pros that have "$ Basic" unchecked could still get contacted by the customer because they think they can get "Premium" service for $400.  But the videographer may think that Premium means a buget of $3000+.  There is not universal agreement between videographers and customers what things like "$$" and "Standard" mean.  This might work for finding a restaurant that fits your budget on Google, but not for video production.  Changing the "Budget Levels" to match the budgets the customers can pick from will solve any discrepancies.

Also, your budgets ranges are too wide.  I agree with "Under $500" and "$500 - $1000".  But "$1000-$2500" is WAY too big of a range.  Same with "$2500 - $5000".  You need to break it down like this:

Under $500, $500 - $1000, $1000 - $1500, $1500 - $2500, $2500 - $3500, $3500 - $5000, $5000+  

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