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Re: Why did TT remove the ability to see if a quote or message had been read?


Thanks for the insight. 

Positions without data backing it up is essentially propaganda. If TT stood by the positions they are taking I would expect to see the data backing it up displayed all over this site (including data on sample size, as that is a very important determinent on the validity of the data) as they would be extremely proud of the positive results.

We can only beleieve that "no positive data displayed" = "no positive data exists"


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Re: Why did TT remove the ability to see if a quote or message had been read?

I can fully understand why TT says 80 percent of customers were not getting a quote. That's a very good stat. I read every lead carefully. 80 percent were nothing I would be the least bit interested in . I can't spend my money and time educating . Now miraculously TT has all that ironed out with a new customer experience ? Just trust TT has it all worked out at triple the lead fee? The most recent complaints on line from around the country asks these same questions. 239 one star reviews and only 7 five star reviews for TT is a real eye opener. Dreams are torn when trust is broken. TT can't expect real pros to ignore our concerns. I have reached out to TT at least 5 times in 1 week and everyone has the same scripted answer. I asked am I supposed to pay 3 times more for more of the same ? The salesman hung up on me.
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Re: Why did TT remove the ability to see if a quote or message had been read?

@Julius I'm sorry to hear about your experience with our support team. I'm more than happy to have a conversation with you about your concerns! Go ahead and send me a private message with more details and I'll look into things. 

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Re: Why did TT remove the ability to see if a quote or message had been read?

It’s OK if you cannot share the reason. Can you please just reinstate the feature that allows us to view whether a customer has seen our quote?
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Re: Why did TT remove the ability to see if a quote or message had been read?

@Sunflower the reasons given for why the feature was removed are accurate. However, we've been making sure to document and share when each pro has requested that it be reinstated, including yours. 

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Re: Why did TT remove the ability to see if a quote or message had been read?

So what TT is saying is not to pay attention to the worthless miscatagorized lead that TT was paid for and just move on so TT can continue to charge whatever it wants for every worthless lead that has been pushed on it's pro. TT just expects it's pro to blindly trust TT because it's sales Dept says Pay To Promote is working. Hysterical !
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Re: Why did TT remove the ability to see if a quote or message had been read?



You said a while back: I want to assure you that we and everyone else at Thumbtack are listening. Each piece of feedback is valuable to us and each idea is put under review. We do keep track of multiple pros making the same suggestions to then look into it further, do research to verify that there is an issue, and then propose solutions. From there, we see if it makes sense to implement a change, all the while keeping in mind the other hundreds of thousands of pros on the site and how certain changes can affect everyone. Not all feedback from pros is implemented, and if it is, it will take time. 

Any chance you can tell us the top 5 things that are on the consideration list based on what you wrote? If not, I have the feeling that this thread does not believe a word that you wrote. You really need to start giving some substantive responses to keep the hope alive that you (TT) are really listening. Most pros are not going to operate on blind faith for long.


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Re: Why did TT remove the ability to see if a quote or message had been read?

Thank you for your reply Meckell,

You said...

Great question! We removed the “View” label from sent custom quotes because we want you to focus your time where customers focus their time.

So you removed the ability for us to see whether or not a lead has actually READ a message/quote/whatever we send to them because you want us to focus our time where customers focus their time?

That's like taking your car in to be serviced, picking it up and noticing that your speedometer is gone.

You: Hey, why did you take my speedometer out, that was really useful to me.

Mechanic: Oh, that speedometer thingamjig on your dashboard. Yeah, I took out your speedometer because I think it's a bit of a distraction. Trust me, you'll be far safer and a much better driver if you focused your attention on the road while you're driving. No need to thank me, it's all part of the service."

With the greatest of respect Meckell the rationale you give for removing the ability for us to see if our responses are being read by leads is nonsensical.

You said...

Because the customer might not see those messages, we do not want you to waste your time crafting or following up on messages.

Trust me. In the past whenever I saw that a lead hadn't read my last two messages to them I didn't waste my time sending any more follow-ups. I considered the lead to be dead. My rationale was that they weren't reading my messages because they weren't interested anymore (if they ever really were). This was the clearest indication that sending more follow ups was likely going to be a waste of time.

Now though, because you removed the ability for us to know whether or not our messages to a lead were actually being read we are totally in the dark.

Maybe a lead does actually read my message. Maybe they don't. I used to know but I don't know anymore. TT knows though.

Meckell, seriously, if your intention is to make me more productive and how many times would you recommend that I 'craft a follow-up' message to a lead without receiving a reply before I consider the lead to be dead?

Should I send three follow-ups? Five? How about ten, that's a nice round number? You tell me.

You say that you don't want me to waste my time crafting follow-up messages but that's precisely what the removal of the particular feature is making happen. If a lead isn't replying to my messages I'm now utterly clueless as to why that might be. Maybe they ARE reading my replies but they are still deciding what to do. Maybe they haven't read any of my messages at all. I used to know the answer to that question, now I don't. 

At least before if I saw they they weren't reading my messages I could make an informed decision that the lead wasn't worth persuing and SAVE TIME.

You also said...

We know this is a shift, but our goal is to ensure you have productive and valuable interactions with customers, and the direct requests you receive from customers are more likely to lead to that desired outcome than custom quotes.

It doesn't matter to me HOW the lead reached out to me in TT. What do you mean by 'custom quotes' anyway? I fail to see any distinction. I'm paying TT for the lead regardless of how I obtain the lead. Each lead is different, some are more valuable than others, but they share one very important thing in common - each lead is a potential future customer and I treat every lead as such.

There is a clearly a significant disconnect here in our discussion Meckell. Maybe I'm not properly getting my point across. Maybe I'm misunderstanding yours. I don't know anymore.

I simply find the rationale you gave for TT removing this very useful feature to be totally incomprehensible and somewhat bizarre. Sorry.



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Re: Why did TT remove the ability to see if a quote or message had been read?


And another issue is startingto come to mind. This is beginning to be all about TRUST - a key ingredient in the customer's belief that the supplier of a service is worthy of our money. This is something we have to work on every day - we have to keep the trust of out clients.

So many people have pleaded for the read receipt function to be restored. TT has yet to respond in a manner that is believable and trustable.

Now, even if this function were to be restored, do we still have what is left to actually trust the data we receive from the restored functionality? 

The way I see it, the lack of response has turned this into a real question. The fact that a moderator says "we would never do that" actually has little hope of surviving when the foundation below it is so fractured. 

I really hope leadership is listening.

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Re: Why did TT remove the ability to see if a quote or message had been read?

Dreams are torn when trust is broken. An agreement written or verbal should be clearly understood and not to be misunderstood by a third person. Say what you mean and mean what you say. The whole trick for some in doing business is keeping your customers honest. When I accept money there is a responsibility that goes with it. I only accept money and do business with people that are equally as responsible. TT has failed here. I look for clients not customers. It has nothing to do with how much money a person has. A customer thinks they are always right. They are not, they are all the same. You can never treat a customer like a client. It won't work , it's like putting lipstick on a pig. Clients are loyal customers are not. TT attracts customers. TT offers them an endless stream of pros .Customers are just as skeptical of TT as pros are of TT. It's too pie in the sky on both ends. If it sounds like it's too good to be true, it probably is.