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Why do I get leads for services I dont offer?

Hi community

Every day I am getting 5+ notifications for leads for singing lessons and audio recording. I don't offer either of these services, I offer piano lessons and audio production. I've gone to Settings and Services and can't find out how to make these leads stop appearing.

any advice would be appreciated


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Moderator Meckell

Re: Why do I get leads for services I dont offer?

Hi there @igneousrock I went ahead and took a look into your account to see what we could find. It doesn't appear that you're receiving any direct leads outside of your preferences in your inbox. However, I am seeing that you are getting those other jobs in your Jobs tab. If you don't want to see those jobs, just scroll down to you the bottom of the Jobs tab where it shows Advanced Settings. In those advanced settings, there's an option that says suggest jobs related to my services which is turned on. After you uncheck that, you should stop seeing jobs that are related to Piano lessons appear in your Jobs tab.

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Re: Why do I get leads for services I dont offer?

Thank you for the spot-on help Meckell.

Note to developers: folks are looking for settings in the "Settings" tab. I looked all over for this. Putting one setting in small print at the very bottom of the "Jobs" tab isn't the best idea.

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