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The New Thumbtack

Hey all, There have been a ton of awesome questions and comments around the changes we've made at Thumbtack, and how the new Thumbtack works for pros. So that we're all on the same page, I wanted to s...
by Community Manager JasonB Community Manager ‎10-15-2018 07:07:54 AM
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Review Alignment on Profile

I received a negative 2 star review from an extremely difficult/impossible client a few months back and have since received 5 additional 5 star reviews. But, for some reason the negative review still ...
by Alilewisinterio Level 5 yesterday
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Re: Let’s talk about promoting your business

Thumbtack is a great system. I liked the former system better. However, since this is  the system for leads, here are my thoughts:  1 I suggest that Thumbtack not make anymore radical changes for a wh...
by alonzojcampbell Level 4 Tuesday
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"Find local professionals" results are not actually local...

The tagline on Thumbtacks homepage says:"Find local professionals for pretty much anything."When you do a search for a web designer / developer in my area the results are people NOT in my area and my ...
by CompleteWeb Level 5 Monday
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Competition is healthy...Paranoia is not

I'd like to see the struggle for the Pros be more about beating their competition to win jobs and less about gambling on if the leads are legitimate.  The latter seems to be a common theme here in thi...
by StoriesUpSTL Level 6 Sunday
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Why is Thumbtack afraid to set minimums for certain industries?

Thumbtack needs to set minimums for certain categories:1).  I'm sorry, but the general public needs to understand that you can't get something that normally costs $500+ for $50.2)  If a customer manua...
by StoriesUpSTL Level 6 Saturday
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Profile not showing up on search

I noticed that my Louisville profile is not showing up when I do a search for commercial/promotional video production with a Louisville zip code.Someone in a Facebook group mentioned that their busine...
by StoriesUpSTL Level 6 Friday
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Is Thumbtack good at its job?

What is Thumbtack's batting average?  Of all the customers that come to the site, what percentage actually hire a pro and then don't leave a negative review of that pro?  This is what I would consider...
by StoriesUpSTL Level 6 a week ago
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Budget Doesn't Work

I am a Notary Public who is limited by law to a $10 product & travel costs.  I must be exceedingly selective in bidding for customers for many reasons, the largest being notary customers usually chang...
by julesjames Level 5 a week ago
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How to use Thumbtack’s online Community

Hi pros! You’re probably reading this post because you just joined our online Community (even if you’ve been a pro on Thumbtack for some time). Or maybe you’ve been on the Community for a while and yo...
by Community Manager LydiaH Community Manager a week ago
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Why are budgets and prices not under Video Production?

In Wedding and Events Videography you can set the budgets that you work with and you can also list your prices.Why is this not available for the Video Produciton category?This is the biggest deterrent...
by StoriesUpSTL Level 6 2 weeks ago
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