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How do you export leads from Inbox?

How do you export leads from your inbox? I need to import into a CRM for analysis. I can download payments but download doesn't have the names of the customers. 
by dunadoni Level 4 08-05-2019
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Considering being a pro... but can't find an idea of costs?

My wife just turned me on to Thumbtack for looking for pros. (subcontractors).  Now that I'm using it to find pros, I'm thinking about signing up as a pro, but it seems there's no info on the actual c...
by DMD2 Level 2 08-03-2019
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Being wrongly addressed

What do you do if a lead you get is addressed to another person?And what about if you tell a prospective client/student when you are available but he/she is sucked into a black "hole"?
by Thepolyglot Level 5 08-01-2019
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When will Thumbtack be in New Zealand?

Hi,I'm in New Zealand. NOT USA.My website is on the cloud with Aspiration Hosting. Could be hosted anywhere.When will Thumbtack be available in New Zealand?
by kahakura Level 1 08-01-2019
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Can't Change Header Title

Hi there!  Thumbtack isn't letting me change my header title.  Every time I enter a new one and click "save" it reverts back to a different title.  Can you please help me fix?  Thanks in advance!
by amandasmith Level 1 07-31-2019
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Getting leads from all over the country

Hello,When I set up preferences for leads, if I have in my preferences that I will do tutoring and editing by internet and potential customers are willing to receive services by internet, am I still l...
by RachelL Level 5 07-29-2019
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Pro Resources update

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to let you know that we've revamped the Pro Resources page to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. We’d previously grouped all resources by type (videos, courses, ...
by Thumbtack Employee ScottA Thumbtack Employee 07-29-2019
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Requesting a quote is NOT the same as wanting to hire

Why do the emails that I get through a Targeted lead have a subject line that reads "Customer's Name wants to hire you."?This is not true.  At this point in the process they are just looking for an es...
by StoriesUpSTL Level 8 07-29-2019
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Does Thumbtack Pre-Screen the Leads

I just received a lead from a 16-year old trying to get child support set up for her father. No need to go into more details but the text of the lead clearly stated "I am 16 years old..."How did this ...
by MR Level 11 07-24-2019
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Filter certain jobs in jobs tab

In the jobs tab I only want to see customers who want junk removal. But because I offer other services I see jobs for other services such as handyman or home theatre specialist ect. It would be nice t...
by kdcontractors Level 4 07-22-2019
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