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How do leads end up on the Jobs tab?

I'm trying to figure out precisely what criteria/circumstances/process Thumbtack usesto determine how and when the job details for a lead is broadcast/syndicated to the Jobs tab of its Pros.If a job p...
by Lar Level 9 06-28-2019
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Why did TT remove the ability to see if a quote or message had been read?

TT used to show when a quote or follow-up message had been read by a lead. That feature was removed at some point, don't know when.I found this feature extremely useful because when I saw that a lead ...
by Lar Level 9 05-31-2019
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Thumbtack Background Credit Inquiry ??

Does the Thumbtack background check run your credit? Does a hard inquiry show up on any of your credit reports?I’m fine with a background check being conducted, but I do not need, nor want any unneces...
by Jmh Level 4 04-08-2019
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Do you really enjoy what you do?

Whats the hardest thing youve encountered when launching your own business, considering you are a one man operation? Has anyone found a surplus in the market with no enough availability?; & if so,...
by Chantelleprc Level 1 10-02-2018
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