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Can't read messages for the past week

I can't seem to access my messages on my Ipad for the past week.Attached picture shows what I see every time I try to message a customer...Anyone?
by Bryan1 Level 5 10-10-2019
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Being Charged for leads out of my pre selected travel distance

I've been with Thumbtack for years and really like the platform, but I'm being charged for leads "exact match" that are outside my travel distance. Is anyone else experiencing this? 
by Bryan1 Level 5 09-29-2019
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How do leads end up on the Jobs tab?

I'm trying to figure out precisely what criteria/circumstances/process Thumbtack usesto determine how and when the job details for a lead is broadcast/syndicated to the Jobs tab of its Pros.If a job p...
by Lar Level 9 06-28-2019
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Why did TT remove the ability to see if a quote or message had been read?

TT used to show when a quote or follow-up message had been read by a lead. That feature was removed at some point, don't know when.I found this feature extremely useful because when I saw that a lead ...
by Lar Level 9 05-31-2019
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Thumbtack Background Credit Inquiry ??

Does the Thumbtack background check run your credit? Does a hard inquiry show up on any of your credit reports?I’m fine with a background check being conducted, but I do not need, nor want any unneces...
by Jmh Level 4 04-08-2019
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Do you really enjoy what you do?

Whats the hardest thing youve encountered when launching your own business, considering you are a one man operation? Has anyone found a surplus in the market with no enough availability?; & if so,...
by Chantelleprc Level 1 10-02-2018
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