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In the INSIGHTS tab, what is the meaning of YOU GOT __ ADDITIONAL VIEWS? Are they listing views?

At the very bottom of the INSIGHTS tab, there is always a sentence that says YOU GOT ____ (some number) ADDITIONAL VIEWS.Are these LISTING VIEWS - in other words, you showed up in search results?Or ar...
by mnemosyne Level 7 07-15-2019
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Insights View Type

Under your insights, does anybody know the difference between "listing view" & "profile view"? What does "listing view" even mean? That somebody scrolled through the list of providers and saw your lis...
by mnemosyne Level 7 07-08-2019
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Quality of leads

Over the past few months — since the latest changes in the way leads reach us pros — I haven't been getting very promising leads.I assumed that the good (i.e. interesting and potentially higher-paying...
by WaxwingStudio Level 4 03-07-2019
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Requests for quotes addressed to other Pros are are being sent to my New Job Opportunities

Requests for quotes addressed to other Pros are being sent to my New Job Opportunities.  Why is this happening? Does this mean the Pro that the potential customer contacted originally declined?
by karen1 Level 5 01-23-2019
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