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"Find local professionals" results are not actually local...

The tagline on Thumbtacks homepage says:

"Find local professionals for pretty much anything."

When you do a search for a web designer / developer in my area the results are people NOT in my area and my profile when promoted is not found unless you uncheck "Phone & Internet".

Thumbtack is missleading people that are looking for good local services for this industry and it is a waste of time for the people looking for these services. 

People are not going to know to uncheck phone and internet and move on to other places to find these services.

Thumbtack must make sure the "Phone & Internet" is unchecked by default!! Especially since Thumbtack has a Google ad stating "Local" at most likey $10 per click. This is a big waste of time and money.

"Phone & Internet" should also be relabled to "Anywhere in the US"

Please Thumbtack - you must change this as it is hurting you and your pros!!


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Moderator Kameron

Re: "Find local professionals" results are not actually local...

@CompleteWeb You've made some really valid points here. Since moving to the new system, clarity and understanding in the customer experience have been a big focus of ours. I've made sure to submit his feedback to help us further improve the experience for customers.

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Re: "Find local professionals" results are not actually local...

@CompleteWeb wrote:

Thumbtack must make sure the "Phone & Internet" is unchecked by default!! 

Agreed 100%. I waste a lot of money on leads from customers who most likely want to meet in person, but are either too lazy or unaware that they're contacting pros from all over the country.

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Even the customers are aware that Thumbtack's search algorithm has issues

Last night I met with a customer who found me on thumbtack, who described his experience searching for a pro.

He was only looking for pros who could meet in person, but the first pro he got matched with (and contacted) - the response came back as being unavailable. When he wondered why, he realized it was because the pro did not live anywhere close to him. 

He said that it seemed like the software has some bugs - if a customer is searching for pros to meet in person (within, say, a 25 mile radius), why are the search results not capable of only showing relevant pros?

I'm sure Thumbtack is losing money on this (some customers are likely leaving to use another service after getting a "not available" response), and the pros are definitely missing jobs. It also just makes Thumbtack look bad, when the top matched pro isn't even a valid match for the job.

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Re: Even the customers are aware that Thumbtack's search algorithm has issues

@Meckell @Kameron this seems like it should be a pretty high priority issue for Thumbtack to fix ASAP. This is hurting both Thumbtack and the pros. The customer also told me that he searched another site for a pro, and I can see that he only contacted two pros on Thumbtack - myself, and the supposed best-matched pro, who was clearly not a good match at all, due to location. Perhaps if the search results had given him more correct matches, he would've contacted more pros.

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Re: "Find local professionals" results are not actually local...

I’ve noticed the EXACT same thing! In my Jobs results I’m only receiving jobs from other states even after I myself unchecked “Can be done over phone or internet”. Another thing that’s odd is that my profile views went from being in the thousands to down in single digits in 2 weeks. What’s the point of pressing “Promote” or even using this service when I’m not even getting anything from it?
Moderator Meckell

Re: "Find local professionals" results are not actually local...

@LalahKhadija15 I work remotely (phone or internet) is still selected for both of your services. Would you like me to turn this off for you?

As far as you not getting as many profile views as before, we can definitely help with that! I looked at your profile and although it's off to a great start, there are a few things you need to expand on in order to show up higher in a customers search (which will then result in more profile views for you.)

The most popular pros for your service in your area have about sixteen reviews, so I would definitely push to get a few more on your profile. Remember, you can get up to ten reviews from customers you've done work for outside of Thumbtack. Learn more about this here! Upon that, I'd recommend building on your about me section, FAQ section, and getting a background check. Doing these things will not only bump up your overall profile score, but will also help you stand out to potential customers. 

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