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"Saved Replies" limit of 500 characters is too low.

I recently became aware of how I might use a rather obscure feature that is labeled "Saved Replies". I started to use it as a way to send a follow-up after sending a"Quote".

Then I reached back into some previous messages that I have sent to capture what I have used in the recent past for other customers. BAM! I hit the 500 character wall.

I am a very clear communicator when I do a followup. Most of my previous messages are 800 to 1000 characters.

Thumbtack MUST increase this character count to a useful level. Thinking that the smartphone users will fall asleep reading 1000 characters is doing a disservice to the Pros who have more that must be communicated in their followup.

And finally.... where may I find the official TT instruction on how to use this "Saved Replies" feature. It is NOT intuitive at all.

John C Hansen, LEED AP
Hansen Home Inspections
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Re: "Saved Replies" limit of 500 characters is too low.

@HansenJC Thanks for your feedback regarding the character limit, that's helpful for us to know. You can see more about saved replies in our Help Center article here. You can also check out our Community post announcing this new feature here. If you have any other questions after reading those, please let me know! 

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