How feedback works at Thumbtack

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This is part of a series of articles outlining how the Share Ideas section works:

The feedback we get in the Community is just one piece of the overall feedback picture, as you can see below.




Idea submissions and votes are not the only deciding factors when it comes to taking action. We also receive feedback from our Support team, Pro surveys, and activity on the platform. Regardless of the source, it is logged and categorized by themes. The Product Operations team curates and shares trending topics with product developers who in turn evaluate the data and measure it against other  deciding factors such as: 

  • Data and other information we've collected.
  • Information from research and surveys.
  • Feedback that comes through from other avenues and support channels.
  • Feedback we hear from customers.
  • Thumbtack’s overall business strategy and vision.

Our product teams then make the decision to take action (or to not) on items based on what is best for pros, customers, and our product. 

We hope this helps clarify how your ideas, feedback, comments and votes reach the right teams. Thanks again for your continued feedback and partnership.