Idea Submission Guide

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This is part of a series of articles outlining how the Share Ideas section works:

We count on you to share your great ideas and feedback with us, but before you submit an idea we ask that you consider the following:

1. Ideas must follow the Community Code of Conduct.

2. Search to see if someone else already suggested the idea you’re proposing.

  • Two or more similar ideas can lead to separated or repeated conversations and votes and we want ideas to be organized so our feedback teams can act on your input.
  • Any duplicates will be removed and we will direct you to the already existing idea to add your vote and comments.

3. The more clear your title is the more other pros will be able to find it and upvote it. 

  • Moderators may edit your title to improve searchability and clarity.

4. Keep your idea as closely related to the Thumbtack product as possible.

  • This section is for product features/updates/suggestions only.
  • Requests for roll-backs to previous systems or policies will not be considered.

5. How category-specific is your idea?

  • We encourage ideas that are as broadly applicable to as many pros as possible. However, if your idea is specific to you or your industry be sure to write it as such. 

6. Be sure to include as much information as possible- and make it actionable!

  • Include why and how your idea will impact your Thumbtack experience.
  • Well-thought-out ideas are helpful for other pros to understand and add their thoughts.
  • The more actionable your idea, the easier it is for our feedback team to advocate on your behalf.
    • Non-actionable - “I want more information included on leads”
    • Actionable - “Under X category I’d like to always have X detail included with the lead. This detail is the biggest signal I look for to help me determine if the lead is one that fits me.”

7. One idea per submission.

  • If you have more than one idea, please submit a separate idea for the sake of simplicity and clarity.

We want all ideas to be included and seen, but if a submission does not meet our standards we may, or may not, ask you to resubmit your suggestion in accordance with our outline.