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This is part of a series of articles outlining how the Share Ideas section works:

As a part of the updates to the Pro Community, we are excited to introduce a new section we’ll be calling Share Ideas.

Feedback in the Community has previously been scattered throughout discussions, boards, and posts. Now we have a dedicated space for you to share your ideas and suggestions for Thumbtack in a clear way. The new system will also allow us to keep you updated on ideas that get more votes and comments.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

Once you’ve posted your idea, it will appear in Open Ideas. We will review it to ensure it adheres to our Idea submission guide.

If the idea follows the guidelines:

  • We will log your idea into our larger feedback system (see How feedback works at Thumbtack for more info). 
  • Other pros will be able to upvote the idea and add comments to it. 
  • The ideas with the most support will be included in our ongoing Trending Ideas Review series (we’ll touch on this later in the article).

If the idea does not follow the guidelines OR If we feel the idea is not clear enough:

  • Your post will be removed and we will coach you through how to improve the suggestion. 
  • We may or may not ask you to attempt to rewrite the submission. If you violate our Code of Conduct, we will not ask you to resubmit.
  • Approved secondary submissions will be left open for voting and comments. 

If there's already a similar idea submission:

  • Your post will be removed.
  • You’ll receive a notification along with a provided link to the original idea where you can add your vote or comments. 

Closed Ideas will consist of any idea submissions that:

  • Have been affected or solved by an Implemented update.
  • Have been assigned a Not Right Now status for the foreseeable future. 
  • Have become irrelevant due to Thumbtack changes. (A suggestion towards something that no longer exists).

The Trending Ideas Review

This series will consist of us sharing out trending ideas (based on votes and comments) we’ve seen since the last edition of the review. Each Idea will be assigned a status and within each post we’ll do our best to explain Thumbtack’s position in regards to that status.

We will apply one of the following status to each idea: 

Good Idea

  • A decision has not been made and we want to see how much the Community continues to vote on it.

Not Right Now

  • We talked about this internally but it’s not on our timeline at the moment. 


  • A related feature has been rolled out.

When an idea is marked as "Not Right Now", it doesn't mean we aren't listening (or that it won’t still someday be implemented). It’s because of the factors listed in How feedback at Thumbtack works that determine implementation plans.

If an update rolls out that didn't originate from the community, we'll do our best to announce it. If an update occurs that corresponds with an existing idea in the community we’ll make sure to note it and adjust the status of that idea as needed.