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New Targeting Preferences for Mural Artists

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 I am a muralist based in San Francisco. I've run into some problems with the 'target preferences' for jobs. There's options for travel radius, size of project, and if the person has plans, no plans or an idea for the work they'd like to have done. 

There isn't however, an option for the artists to state they make their own artwork specifically. For instance, I am an abstract artist who uses a lot of color. The kind of jobs that my 'preferences' lead me to are people who want superheroes, characters, lettered signs, and company logos- and I pay for these leads because they 'match' the size, location, and ideas checklists I have. But I don't make art like that, and I know there's other pros in the community here in SF who feel the same way. 

I have turned off targeting preference because I so rarely get good matches to what I'm looking to do, which is paint art in my wheelhouse. And now because of the changes to the platform I won't show up in any searches at all until I turn them back on. 


Let's make some changes!


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