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You should be able to offer remote services for anything. I teach violin and for some reason there is not a 'remote' option for violin but there is for piano. This makes it way harder to get leads. That makes no sense. I haven't gotten a lead in WEEKS. 

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Hi I just noticed the same thing. I teach both piano and violin, and have been getting a ton of leads, mostly remote, for piano, but hardly anything for violin. There seems to be no way to say, 'I work remotely' for violin. You can teach violin remotely as easily as you can piano!
I sent an email to customer support about it today, and plan to call them Monday. We'll see what happens.


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I've had the same problem. I'm a personal trainer and health coach and I use another lead service that offers a remote option for potential customers for most professions. My programs are mostly online/remote, even before Covid19. Out of all of the health coaches I know, none of them offer in-person services. It's pretty frustrating because I don't know if I should respond to leads because there is no way to know if they would want or prefer remote services. I just wanted to vent with you. 🙂 Thanks for posting!