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Require actual square footage of home for Residential Cleaning Prices

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Currently customers are inputting their home sizes based on bedrooms and bathrooms.  This is very misleading when offering quotes.  Homes are not built equally.  An average 3 bdrm/3 bath home, for example, is normally around 1600-1900 sq ft.  However, often there are cases where the same number of beds and baths are practically twice that square footage.  And the bigger the home, the worst the problem becomes.  In the more affluent neighborhoods, like what we have here in Scottsdale, Grey Hawk, Troon, DC Ranch, AZ for example, these homes have 2 and 3 sitting areas, 2 or 3 "entertainment" areas, dens, offices, libraries, bars, wine rooms, etc.  You end up covering twice as much square footage for the same price.  It is also misleading because some customers will close off bedrooms in their request.  They don't want their home office and guest room touched, for example.  Then they end up inputting 1 bdrm/3 baths which drastically lowers the quote, but we're only talking maybe 300-400 sq ft.  Also, eliminating extra bedrooms does very little for the overall time spent in a home.  The bathrooms, and kitchen will always take the longest in any home.  The way Thumbtack is quoting people for this service needs to be adjusted.  It causes problems more often than not.  

On a side note, our company also offers window cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning services which on average yield a higher prophet per job than residential cleaning does.  These are one time jobs, usually in the $150-$500 range and we pay maybe $5-$7 on average for a lead.  House cleaning, on the other hand, we end up paying anywhere from $7-$40 per lead (if I'm targeting), more if I'm not.  They end up charging more per lead because the customer has requested a higher frequency of services.  This is very frustrating because often times the customers do not see this through.  They are just clicking in numbers when they "shop" quotes, and it does not guarantee their intention to reschedule.  It is not just that Thumbtack is entitled to the possibility of future bookings.  I make more with the other to areas of our business and pay less, versus house cleaning where I make less for the job and pay more per lead.  How does that make sense? 


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