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Separate ranking in search results between new pros and established pros

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When I log out of Thumbtack and do a search within my industry I see Pros who have <2 hires and only 1 review ranked much higher than they should be...if those are two of the major factors that determine the rankings.
I understand that it's a double edged sword: On one hand you have "veteran" pros who have paid thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to Thumbtack and we feel like being ranked in the top 4 is something we have earned and that the good leads we get because of that ranking somewhat makes up for any frustrations we have had along the way.  Some of us have been on the platform for years.  So we've seen the ups and downs.
On the other hand, Thumbtack needs to acquire new customers (the new Pros) to join Thumbtack, start paying for leads, and then stay on Thumbtack.
I'm not sure what a better model would look like, but it has to be one where the job posters still can see the veteran Pros who have a proven track record listed high on the platform AND newer Pros. Maybe a "Rising Newbies" column that is separate from the main list?
When established Pros get pushed down to 6-10 on the list, there is very little chance that the Job Poster will look at their profile, even if they are the best Pro for the job.  I don't believe a system that has Pros who are brand new to Thumbtack ranked above Pros who have had 5+ hires and 3+ reviews is the best thing for any party involved.
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