A glimpse into the world of female entrepreneurs

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Hey again, it’s Tiffany with the Women’s employee resource group (ERG). Today we want to highlight one way we've kept a pulse on female entrepreneurs in the marketplace.

Our goal at Thumbtack is to make it easier for entrepreneurs to start and grow their business. So, we wanted to better understand the experience for female entrepreneurs who decide to take that leap to become their own boss. To do this, we partnered up with Square for an extensive survey of 900 female small business owners in a variety of fields, geographies, and educational backgrounds. 

Community can play a big role in supporting the success of a small business. Our congratulations to Washington DC, where women reported significantly more support from local policymakers than in the other nine metro areas we surveyed. Women in DC are more likely to say government officials worked on solutions that would help their business grow. I’m proud to say that the Women’s ERG understands the importance of supporting women in business, which is why we’re open to all genders joining in to become an ally. 

The findings helped us better understand the motivation behind women’s decision to become their own boss and the benefits of working independently. But we also learned about the challenges and the inequality that still persists. For example, women are 5 times more likely than men to have their expertise questioned in all industries and 10 times more likely in male-dominated industries. Even so, we’re happy to report that the majority of women (4 out of 5) are still satisfied with their choice to start their own business. 

The survey also looks forward to the positive growth opportunities and the challenges ahead. The future is looking bright as women are increasingly entering male-dominated occupations. Plus, female-dominated occupations are among the highest in demand. Take a peek at the full findings here — we think it’s worth your time!

And now we want to hear from you again! How has support from your local community played a role in your success?