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Thumbtack Employee
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By Alan, a member of our Vamos ERG in SLC, UT, 

Speaking two languages growing up didn't seem like a big deal, all I knew was that I could understand and communicate in either language. As an adult, I'm grateful for my parents who provided an environment for me to learn and speak English and Spanish. Now more than ever, I see the benefits that come from clear and effective communication no matter the language. Today, I'd like to share a few tips on effective communication that you can implement when talking to potential customers.

Working with pros every day, I’ve noticed trends or practices some pros implement to increase their chances of getting hired on Thumbtack. First, have patience. Not all customers get back to you right away, as much as we want them to, so you have to do your part in the best way possible. Remember that you are the expert, and as such, you should provide enough information up front for potential customers and ask questions as needed.   

 Second, ensure that your initial response contains components similar to these:

  1. Greet customer by name
  2. Express interest
  3. Repeat back one job detail the customer provided
  4. Answer their questions (i.e. most customers want to know your availability, proactively provide at least two open slots for an onsite/virtual estimate or a call)
  5. Always end with a call to action
  6. Your name, company name, phone number

Take time to create a couple of saved replies as this can save you time and help improve your response time. Having a great initial message and responding quickly can positively impact your chances of getting hired.

Third, have a proactive approach and follow-up with customers, especially when they have read your message. Ask customers direct and clarifying questions you may have about their project. Then wait. It may be tempting to message them until they respond, but if you communicate clearly and concisely with the customer, you may be at the forefront of their mind while they browse their options.

 Always maintain your professionalism, as customers always have access to your contact information for future projects, and customers can review you on Thumbtack based on their interaction with you. Even though some pros don't win the job, some receive a 5 star review from customers just for being so attentive and helpful which only helps boost your profile more to other customers. 

What are some messaging strategies that have worked for you? Please share in the comments below.