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Thumbtack Employee
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By  Caroline, a member of our Vamos ERG in SLC, UT.

The Latinx community makes up a large portion of the Thumbtack family.  My position at Thumbtack as a success consultant means that I get to interact daily with this diverse group of pros, mostly while speaking Spanish.  Because Spanish is my second language, I appreciate every opportunity I get to practice.  I also get to hear a lot of success stories from the Latinx community about how Thumbtack has helped them reach their dreams of owning a business a reality.  

For example, the other day I spoke with Geovanny, from Guatemala.  When he came to the United States he needed to find painting jobs, so he signed up with Thumbtack.  He won the first lead that he ever received and was invited to paint someone’s entire home.  This new client then recommended Geovanny to a family member, who subsequently hired him.  Geovanny won two large contracts just from one lead on Thumbtack.

Wilian, from El Salvador, is another pro that I’ve worked with.  He grew up working in gardens and taking care of trees.  A few months ago he started on Thumbtack with hopes of growing his landscaping business.  He thoroughly filled out his entire profile and provided many examples of past jobs as part of the Featured Projects section.  Now, he’s been hired multiple times and is always staying busy.  

I recently worked with Diana, a house cleaner living in Texas.  She’s been on Thumbtack for a year and has already been hired over 60 times!  She credits her success to her use of targeting preferences.  Each service that she offers has targeting activated so that she can rank high in search results for the jobs that she wants to focus on. 

In short, these three pros have had great success on Thumbtack due to:

  • Making the most of each lead.  When you’re paying for a lead, you aren’t just paying for the opportunity to win a job.  You are paying for a connection with a potentially life-long customer who can introduce you to an entire new network.  Always try to make a good impression!
  • Focusing first on optimizing your profile.  A complete profile filled with examples of your work can ensure fast growth for your business.  Upload featured projects and be sure to have your non-Thumbtack customers leave you reviews to help get things rolling!
  • Setting up targeting preferences in a way that works for your business.  It’s okay to be super specific, super broad, or even super different from one service to another.  Also, don’t be afraid to adjust your preferences month to month, or week to week, depending on your business needs.  

How have you used Thumbtack to ensure growth for your business? Please share your thoughts, advice, and stories in the comments below.