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Hey Everyone - My name is Aaron and I’m a member and former lead of our San Francisco Chapter of NOBLEtacks - an employee resource group (ERG) for our Black employees and allies. (N.O.B.L.E. stands for Network of Black Leaders and Employees)

We believe that Thumbtack’s creativity, knowledge, and power are fueled by unique multicultural perspectives and thought leadership. Our mission is to create an environment where all employees feel empowered and celebrated both inside and outside of the workplace. We’ve built partnerships, created networking opportunities, hosted events, and served as an open forum for employees interested in black culture.

One of our continuous goals is to become even more active within our Pro Community. Most recently, we hosted a panel discussion with three of our Black women pros; Giving them a stage to discuss the highs and lows of starting and maintaining a successful business not only as a woman, but a Black Woman. A STRONG Black woman. When asked what parting word each of them would like to leave the audience with in order to build a successful business, they responded with “Listen, Hustle & Discipline” respectively. Leaving the sentiments that everyone’s path is different, but through hard work and determination, dreams can be achieved!

A few NOBLE members also flew to Brooklyn for an affinity dinner with Black Pros in the area and then took the train down to Philadelphia the next morning to have lunch with our Philly Pros! Having the opportunity to interact with our Pro Community intimately to further understand the value and impact that you bring to the platform and how we can continue to leverage your voices and ideas was truly empowering and reinforced why we love what we do!

The sense of community and belonging for ourselves and those around us is what drives us to continue doing the work we do and we look forward to sharing more of it as well as partnering with you all in the near future!

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Awesome! Thank you for sharing this wonderful news. Maybe you can put something together in the future for the Fort Worth/Dallas area.