Introducing the Women Employee Resource Group (ERG)

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Tiffany here! I’m part of Thumbtack’s Women Employee Resource Group (ERG): a group of people that support one another and foster belonging in the workplace. ERGs build community here at Thumbtack and I’m excited to introduce you to this amazing group of people. 

The women’s ERG ensures women’s voices (and the voices of our allies) are heard here at Thumbtack. We find opportunities to support women in their career goals and, ultimately, increase the representation of women across all functions at Thumbtack. 

We have a few guiding principles:

  • Open to everyone. The goal is equality, so we’re welcoming to people of all genders to join and participate.
  • Be intentional. Be explicit about the environment we’re creating and who it’s for (psst it’s for everyone).
  • Give space, take space. Every voice matters — we make room for ourselves and others to be heard.
  • Equipping people. We share the knowledge and skills to confidently engage in meaningful conversations, without the fear of judgment or saying the wrong things. 
  • Intersectionality. Since not all women have the same experience, we have unique perspectives to bring to the table.
  • Assume positive intent. This stuff can be hard, but we're more open to learn and grow together when we choose to see the best intentions in others.

Keep an eye out for future posts from us. We’re excited to share partnership opportunities and some service projects the Women’s ERG has been part of. In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you! Have you noticed any new trends, obstacles, or opportunities specifically for women business owners? Tell us about it in the comments.

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@TiffanyAThank You! Appreciate all Thumbtack is doing and a big job well done! Looking forward to what new content we can gather from this group and all that it will inspire in the future. 

As a female business owner, starting from the ground up, was not easy at first. There was so much criticism and barriers I faced. I stayed driven, pursued, and kept going to achieve all that my business is today.  Moving forward this is a great platform to build each other up and break down barriers that were placed before us. I love how we can learn from each other, and Thumbtack is helping build these networking relationships. Here's to a great new year of success. Good Luck Everyone! 



What an awesome way to inspire and support women in business. The guiding principles of ERG are thoughtful, honest and intentional and I love them. Well done...well done!