Proudtacks in LA!

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Thumbtack Employee
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Recently 5 members of Proudtacks had the amazing opportunity to travel to Los Angeles and meet with 15 pros to celebrate LGBTQIA+ History Month. One of the Proudtacks members who attended shared their experience! 

“A few weeks ago, I was able to go to West Hollywood, CA for a Proudtacks Affinity dinner. We met with a group of pros that are involved with their local LGBTQIA+ community in different ways. They were so grateful and impressed that Thumbtack would organize an event like this for all of us to connect. One pro’s pregnant partner started having contractions as he got to dinner, but he still wanted to meet everyone! Midway through, he got the call that they were headed to the hospital, so he left right away, but was able to take a plate of dessert with him!

It was so cool to hear how each pro built their business - some have been at it for decades, while others were relatively new to it all. They all spoke of how big of an impact Thumbtack has had on their businesses. It was encouraging to know that so many of these pros have been with us through all the changes we’ve had in the past few years and they love the direction we’re going. 

We ate at a beautiful restaurant, recommended by one of Thumbtack’s TackMasters, called Yardbird. The dinner was served family style—from buttery biscuits to chicken and waffles—it was fun to get excited about the next course together. Being able to share a meal and such an intimate evening with our pros (who make all of this possible) was an experience I will never forget.”