TackVets event with BunkerLabs @ Thumbtack

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Hey pros!

Jennifer here, you heard from me last week when I introduced Tackvets (an employee resource group at Thumbtack) to the Community. I’m excited to tell you about an exciting evening Thumbtack had with BunkerLabs, pros, and veterans last week. BunkerLabs is a nonprofit that helps veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs find the fastest way to success and go after the american dream.  

Like most Thumbtack events, the night started off with refreshments as we got to know BunkerLabs and our veterans who were in attendance. After dinner was served and prepared by Thumbtack Tackitchen, we all sat down and listened in awe as a Thumbtack pro, @DOMinion told his story. 

Darrell started his journey on the front lines when he joined the Marine Corps as infantry. After his time in the service, he still worked on the front lines in two new professions: junior high principal and minister. Darrell found success with Thumbtack as he partnered with us to offer his ministry services to perform weddings. Darrell says that one of the reasons that he was able to find success is his ability to help the customer with whatever they are looking for. Whether it's performing ceremonies on the beach (both religious and non-religious) and even helping one couple figure out what type of “love” knot to tie during one ceremony. 

After Darrell's inspiring success story, Ronnie from BunkerLabs asked a few questions to our TackVet panel on how our military affiliation has helped our careers within Thumbtack. We went over what it's like to work for Thumbtack, and we also talked about what it’s like to partner with Thumbtack as a professional on our platform. The key advice that we gave our veteran guests is to completely fill out your profile and keep on top of your messages. Response time is key to winning. 

Overall the event was an amazing experience, and I would like to reiterate what some of our veterans had mentioned: when you come from a military background, no matter what service, we are family. We stand tall, Brothers and Sisters in arms and their spouses, together we are family. We have seen a side of life that not all have seen and many don't understand. We are also here within Thumbtack, and we are rooting for you to find your success in life outside of the military.