The benefits of being a Bilingual Professional

Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee
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By Miriam, a member of our Vamos ERG in SLC, UT.

Since March, Covid-19 continues to challenge individuals and businesses to find new and innovative ways to connect with friends, family, and customers. Thumbtack launched this community to support our workforce by bringing people together to lean on and learn from each other during these unprecedented times.  Employee Resource Groups like VAMOS, provides fellowship and friendship for its members who share common experiences.   It’s one way to promote an inclusive work environment that fosters teamwork and collaboration. 

While many things remain uncertain in the new normal that is Covid, some things remain constant like the need to connect with friends, family, and customers.  And if you want to expand your customer base, there is value in knowing a second language to reach them. Being bilingual or multilingual can open doors and create opportunities not just now but throughout your career. Think of all the people you could reach—people who might typically not have access to your services and offerings—simply because you can communicate clearly and confidently in their native tongue. If you’ve never considered a second language as an advantage, take some time to think about the potential benefits. It might be a game-changer in differentiating yourself from the competition.

Other benefits? It’s fun to be able speak another language and appreciate the cultural nuances that go with it. Fluency in another language can make it easier to build rapport and trust, to become a relatable expert who can quickly understand customers’ needs and concerns. It can also expand your business base as happy customers refer new business to you.

Already fluent in more than one language? Congratulations! Make sure you’re tapping this resource and making the most of it in your career. If your language skills are rusty or you want to start learning a new language, there’s no time like now. Talk to one of our Thumbtack professionals today.