Women's ERG connects with the community

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Hey again, it’s Tiffany with the Women’s employee resource group (ERG). Our group aims to build bridges and connect with our communities, our coworkers here at Thumbtack, and you — our pros. Last month, we talked about how we’re keeping up with female business owners. This month, we’ll take a look at how we’re allies to women, whether inside our office or out in the community.


Creating space where we work.

We make room for conversations that matter to members of our ERG. We share articles of interest, links to conferences, networking opportunities, and stories of inspiring women. That’s how I was able to attend an Illuminate Summit. Illuminate is a local organization providing leadership and networking opportunities for women in Utah. We’ve also invited inspiring business women to share their expertise around topics like effective feedback in the workplace.  

Thumbtack also hosts WomenHack, an organization whose mission is to promote gender equality by empowering women in tech. They hold events that help women find career paths with tech companies around the world that are committed to diversity in the workplace. 


Serving the community.

In our last post, we mentioned a survey where we talked to hundreds of women business owners. They told us support from the community plays a huge role in their success. So we’re doing our share to give back to the communities. 

Last year, the San Francisco office made care packages for La Casa de las Madres, a local non-profit that provides confidential housing for survivors of domestic violence. The care packages included basic needs like toothbrushes, combs, hair ties, etc. Letters of encouragement were written and tucked inside each bag. About 100 bags were able to be donated, with some additional supplies as well.

Geraldine E. King Women’s Center supports homeless women in their journey to becoming self reliant. They provide three hot meals a day, clothing, hygienic products, and up to 200 beds. A group from our Salt Lake City office had the opportunity to serve lunch for the women there and organize donations.

I was excited to join in and help organize donations.I was excited to join in and help organize donations.

That’s what we’ve been up to — and now we want to hear from you! How have you made an impact within your local community? What ways can Thumbtack support you to amplify that impact?