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Ability to follow up a motivational speaking lead... Or lack of ability to follow up...

I love Thumbtack for the life coaching category but it's the only site for public speaking that doesn't allow me to see my lead's contact info once they reach out and I respond (and I pay for the lead). I am told that this is part of their policy for privacy. I totally respect that with the life coaching but when a speaking client only reaches out to me and has clearly read my profile, it's hard to understand why I can't at least know their company. I find that some clients don't know about their inbox so they totally miss my reply. In most cases, I can find them on LinkedIn but in some cases I check with customer service and my reply is still unread. I have no ability to connect with them any other way to simply make sure they know that I replied. The Thumbtack client chat assistant even disconnected me when I asked her to refer my comment onto management so that they could consider adjusting that policy for this category. Anyone else have any frustration with the motivational speaking category? This is the only site that doesn't help me give good service to those who reach out. Thanks all!!

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Re: Ability to follow up a motivational speaking lead... Or lack of ability to follow up...

Hi there @MeridithAlexand. Thanks for reaching out! Every customer (in every category) has the option to give their phone number or email, but they don't have to as we've seen a lot of customers are reluctant to provide that info. They don’t want to be bombarded with calls from multiple pros, and when we’ve required phone numbers in the past we’ve lost a lot of potential customers. We want to connect you with as many customers as possible, and the best way to do that is to make the customer experience easy and stress-free. That means allowing customers to share their phone numbers when they’re ready, on their own terms. You bring up some valid points and I'll definitely make sure that your feedback gets passed on.

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Re: Ability to follow up a motivational speaking lead... Or lack of ability to follow up...

Hi, Meckell! Thanks for getting back to me. 

I respect that TT can't go overboard customizing by category but literally this is the only site that does not provide speakers any information in advance -- and that charges us to boot. Even if there could be some adaptation like Gigmaster does that says: best way to contact me (text, phone, email) and gives an option that includes "Will reach out if intrested" if they don't wish to have speakers follow up.

Without that, you are assuming that the potential clients are familiar with Thumbtack and you are leaving your loyal pros like me with reservations about recommending the site to others in this space. Thank you!