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Calendar Integration

Is there ever going to be a calendar integration with google calendars or something similar? I’m doing a lot of duplicate work to mark off specific times that I am busy since my customers send me follow-up information through my website and calendar.
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Moderator Meckell

Re: Calendar Integration

Hi there @OfficiantDawn this is feedback we've heard quite a bit here in the Community. Be sure to check out #4 on this post with more info on third party calendar integration. Thanks for starting this conversation! 

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Re: Coming soon... Share Ideas section

Hey there everyone, new pro here from SoCal and I had an idea that I think would be beneficial to many of us and not sure where to put it so I thought hmmm might as well start off the ideas section even though it's not officially up yet (sorry if this is the wrong place for this,if there would be somewhere more suited for this let me know and I'll move it or Thumbtack/moderators please move if possible Or warranted!

Background: Okay so this could work for pretty much anybody but those especially who use Gmail or Gsuite. I am a very big fan of utilizing my GSuite (Google's business applications such as gmail, calendar, google docs, sheets and Google Drive which are some of the more commonly used and recognized atones. A custom domain is used for a website but also probably the most appealing would be the custom email that you can utilize on the Google platform).

So one of the most common features that I use that I feel is underutilized and hopefully more people will start utilizing it is Google calendar which is absolutely amazing for jobs that we carry out. For starters you can obviously keep track of all your upcoming jobs but also previously worked jobs you can send calendar invites to your customers regardless of the platform that they use for email or calendars which gives them the option to load it into the calendar but also it sends them notifications/reminders, a small description of what's to be done and their address which is useful for you the day of!

Idea: It would be great and super helpful if Thumbtack could sync with the google calendar so that we can have our schedule uploaded into our personal calendar. This also might be great for the customer too so that when we schedule a job they get the calendar invite without the pro having to ask for all their information and it's all centrally located like scope, date, time, address and reminders. And I know somebody out there will say what is that what Thumbtack is for and yes but it's hard sometimes to quickly pull up your schedule especially if you work on multiple apps that do similar type work.

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Moderator Kameron

@mayham glad to hear that you're excited about the upcomi...

@Mayham glad to hear that you're excited about the upcoming Share Ideas section in the Community! I've gone ahead and moved your post to the most recent conversation about this. Integration with third-party calendars like Google calendar has been a common ask in the last while and our teams are looking into ways to make calendars on the site the best they can be. I'll be submitting your feedback and adding you to the count of pros that would like to see this happen.

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