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Customer Budget?

I'm surprised on 2 levels here.

This lead came in 2 hours ago via Jobs Tab. It's an hour away from me, which I'm very surprised in receiving!!

The other surprise, Customer put in their budget "I prefer not to say" but wants a 2 $$ value from me. I was receiving customer budgets before, but now this is something new? Again, why not tell us ahead of time of changes, and why not encourage customer to list their budget amount. If they don't know what their budget is, then don't let them click type of service they want, as it may not be within their budget.

How about a section for Pro to list, "Will negotiate", as I always do. Then customer can see that the Pro will be able to negotiate with any budget. Because if I send a quote for the 2 $$ value customer is asking, he/she may not be able to afford it, and I risk being blocked if I send quote and follow up message later on.



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Re: Customer Budget?

@DJStevie I know that you aren't looing for an answer from me, but you bring up a good point. I will admit, if I needed to hire a DJ I have no idea what one would cost. I may have a guess, but that is all it is. So some sort of indication that says I am open minded to cost, but dont know what a reasonable cost is may be useful.

Does that make sense?

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Re: Customer Budget?

I respect all of your insights and advice.
I just gave an example, but yes, your suggestion makes plenty of sense.

Re: Customer Budget?

@DJStevie thanks for pointing this out and sharing your personal experience with this. 

@MR being in a different service, your insight on this is also super appreciated.
Thank you to you both for your engagement, keep the suggestions coming!

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Budgets and Pricing

I know there are some changes coming on 4/29, but I'm not holding out hope that any of them will fix what I think is the elephant in the room for a lot of Pros:   The lack of budget disclosure AND the ability for those of us that use Promote to block out leads below a certain budget.

Why is this web based "find a service pro" umbrella industry the ONLY ONE I can think of where buyers don't know their budget and everyone is so afraid to ask them what their budget is.

And how is sending an individual with an "Under $400" budget to a Pro that only does work over $1000 good for the 3 parties involved?  It is a WASTE of everyone's time.  Do you send plumbing leads to accountants?

Even the in-app advertising for Promote is misleading:  "tell us exactly what jobs you want".  How about customers with budgets over $1000 for starters? But you actually can't do that with Promote.  The "right customers" are customers that are looking to spend $1000+.  I keep getting a lot of Promote leads from the wrong customers.

"Budget  I'm not sure." - I saw this pop up on a lead today.  Why is this even allowed?  I would say if you don't know what your budget is, then you are not a serious buyer. 

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 12.23.30 PM.pngIMG_0669.jpg

no more budgets in preferences?

I'm very dissapointed once again.  I've been using the automatic promote option for my Video production business which is costing me more than ever now and i'm not getting quality leads at all.  I begged for thumbtack to add a budget question to the preferences so I could have more control over the type of leads I receive. Not only have the refused to add it, they removed it from the other categoris I use. So now i'm paying for leads way below my pay scale.  Thumbtacks supporrt has told me "I should still try to negotiate." Well, the past 3 leads i've received under my pay scale were not willling to pay any more than their budget. So, in short, I paid for 3 leads that went nowhere because their budget didn't match mind.  I have no idea what the reason is for getting rid of the "budget" question.  I'm wasting money here.  Instead of asking more questions to ensure we get the leads we want, they are removing questions. How is this fair to the pros? I have a weekly budget and at least half my budget is going toward leads that I would never bid on.  

Please, someone tell me how on earth does removing the price preferences from the job preferences category help us, the pros, out in getting the leads we want?

I haven't seen one change in the past year that has been with the pros in mind.

Here are a few suggestions which i'm sure i'll receive a "thanks for your suggestion, we will be sure to look into this...(translation: thanks but we'll do what we want)

1. Bring back the price preference so pros can determine the types of jobs we want to automatically pay for that are within our pay scale

2. If a job goes unhired for over a month, reimburse the pro cause obviously the customer is just window shopping at our expense.

3. If you aren't going to do none of the above then at least lower the cost of leads so i'm not blowing my entire weeks budget on leads I would never bid on.


Knowing a customers budget before I bid is crucial for a lot of pros, and now that we are relying on thumbtack to automatically send us leads, it is even more crucial that we have some say over what types of jobs we would want.


Please do the right thing. I used to be a huge supporter of thumbtack and used to refer a lot of professionals to the site.  Now, the model just doesn't work and it's costing a fortune.