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Daily Calendar Updates

The calendar feature is my favorite part of using Thumbtack. It saves me so much time from going back and forth with my personal calendar to see if I'm available. I have a daily routine now to update my Thumbtack calendar to block out any dates that I get email requests about. What has everyone else been doing to keep their calendars up to date?

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Re: Daily Calendar Updates

I'm a bit the opposite; I've been using Google Calendar since college to track everything going on and I find it difficult to keep my Thumbtack calendar updated as well.
Compounding this is that not all my customers send me booking requests but may just mark me as hired (or just verbally hire me). As a result my thumbtack calendar is never up to date.

I'd love the ability to sync with an external calendar!
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Re: Daily Calendar Updates

At Self Made today, I requested the ability to sync Thumbtack with my existing cloud calendar (similar to so I don't have to manually update it every time I book a client.

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Re: Daily Calendar Updates

That's a great suggestion, @confidentmac!  Thanks for sharing it with the team.  We got a ton of awesome feedback on Saturday.  We'll definitely be busy Smiley Happy 

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