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Difficult Customer and out of state Customers

For a while now, I have been getting out of state customers as well as some customers who don't honor the Cancellation Policy. It seems to me that eventhough we the Pros get contacted at our own expense and not that of the client(s), we still lose. Just recently, I had a cleint contact me. We had a discussion as to what my service entails. I explained the Cancellation Policy in my intro and over the phone to which they seemingly agreed only for them not to adhere to the policy by not attending the mutually agreed upon Cancellation Policy. Thumbtack sided with her without being attentive to my documentation that i have as prove that she breached the contract. Why does this look like random information is being harvested and sent to us Pros only to find out that these customers aren't serious. They left a bad reveiew (which is both false and partial) and as if I haven't been harassed long enough I gave this client the sum back which I don't have to. Why uphold the review if other Pros have had issues with this same client?

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Re: Difficult Customer and out of state Customers

@FitnessExchange thanks for reaching out. While we currently don't have any sort of cancellation policy in place for customers, it can be a good idea for pros to have some documentation in place for customers to sign when they begin working together in order to set clear expectations for both parties. Your specific situation is currently still under review with our Marketplace Trust and Safety team and they should be reaching out to you shortly. I've also added your post here for them to gain any additional context. 

Re: Difficult Customer and out of state Customers

Good afternoon. As I had previously mentioned, the cancellation policy had long ago been spelled out in the introductory part my profile. Inasmuch as I the Personal Trainer is expected to adhere to the policy as stated, the cleint is to do the same to ensure smooth facilitation of services. A claim brought on by a client who wishes to exploit  a Personal Trainer's services without consequences isn't logical. If I didn't care about my reputation or that of Thumbtack's, I simply would have ignored the unreasonable client.

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