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Direct vs opportunity leads

I realize this may be a function of my areas of work and not all service areas will see the same results, but I have noticed that the quality of leads tends to be better when I turn targeting off and that the ghost rate are about the same as with targeting.
In fact I believe, even as a Top Pro, I see more potential lead activity volume with targeting off than I do with it on. I believe when targeting is on the system ignores me for opportunity leads as I get very very few opportunity leads when I have target on. ( and very few targeted leads for that matter). So for me the way to get better volume is to turn target off. It would seem that because the ghost rate is so high the secret to getting at least some success is to drive as much volume of leads as possible.
It would seem that targeted leads would have a much higher response rate but that simply is not the case as they tend to not reply to my first response well over 90pct of the time and I have already paid which is a likely net loss for me.

Wondering how other pros have had success on using the opportunity leads ( ie Targeting off ) and what has worked for them. I know the leads don’t get alerts when you send them a message so what have you done to get their attention to let them know you are interested in their needs?

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Re: Direct vs opportunity leads


I've had hardly any success with the Opportunities Tab since February 2019.  A couple of months ago, I had 1 hire from that tab.  Now I am very careful to check the lead cost for those jobs in the Opportunities Tab before sending a quote/message as I found out that the lead costs in my category has sky rocketed. Recently I posted that one of those leads is over $50 and for more than 8 hours for a wedding. I tried to convey to email support that the customer is more than likely just seeing which vendors are available during those hours. But they told me otherwise.

Anyway, I know that we are supposed to rely on Targeting and Direct Leads, but those Direct Leads are "tire kickers". Majority of the time, they are just looking for pricing, availability, etc.  That has been discussed repeatedly in these threads, so no need for me to repeat my thoughts and suggestions.

One other thing, with Targeting on pause, I receive more local leads via Opportunities Tab. And with Targeting on, I receive no local leads. Any leads in my in box are very rare these days(months).

DJ Stevie 1-6-2020

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Re: Direct vs opportunity leads

@DJStevie  Thanks for the insight. I have a similar experience in that I see far more leads (between the two boxes) with targeting off vs when it is on. Because the ghost rate is near 100% regardless of which box (direct or opportunity) the lead comes into, there (at least for me) seems to be no advantage one way or the other in chances of getting a response. The fact that a lead picked me initially (when targeting is on) seems to have no greater chance that the lead will respond when I send them a message. 

At least with targeting off, I am able to review the request before potentially spending money, AND if I do decide to reply, my chances of getting an actual response seem no worse than if the lead came in through target on. 

I realize this is not how TT intends for the system to actualy work (in that there should be a solid advantage with Target on), but for me at least this is the experience I have with TT. The biggest issue remains the ghost rate (and price assurance does not really solve for that because the leads do Read the responses, they just do not ever reply). Also, because the volume is greater with Target OFF, there is also a difference from what I believe TT intended.


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Re: Direct vs opportunity leads

I thought I was the only one I’m losing so much money that I’ve been taking jobs for cheap just to pay thumbtack I’m tuning off my targeting
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Re: Direct vs opportunity leads

Interesting, the downside though is you never know when a new opportunity is posted and I'm not sure what the user sees on the other end when you bid.
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