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Community Veteran

Enhancement Request - Pro Notes

Wondering if it would be possible to add, for each lead, a place where pros could type in private notes to themselves regarding the status of each lead. These would be visible only to the pro.

For example, I may want to leave a lead who contacted me for a cosnult in my inbox, but not yet mark as hired. So I may write a note to myself something like "consult scheduled for next wednesday" just to remind myself the status of that lead as it flows through my lead pipeline.

Let me know if there are more questions or if I need to further explain.


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Moderator Meckell

Re: Enhancement Request - Pro Notes

@MR thanks for starting this conversation, I think it's a great idea. As always, we'll pass along this suggestion!

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Re: Enhancement Request - Pro Notes

The addition of a 'notes' field was one of the first suggestions I made to Thumbtack when I signed up four years ago now. I've requested the issue several times since because at the time I really thought it would be a useful feature to have.

I joined this community a couple of weeks ago and in that time I've been able to gain some valuable insight into how Thumbtack works to make their system the best system it can be for us Pros. It was only very recently that I had an epithany and I came to realize that the inclusion of a 'notes' field would be an unmitigated disaster for us Pros here on Thumbtack. 

Let me explain why.

Firstly, if we had a 'notes' field it would be an unnecesary  distraction for all us Pros. Thumbtack know this, they know what's best for its Pros. Thumbtack know that we need to focus our efforts on REPLYING to our leads quickly. Every second we would waste typing information into a 'notes' field would mean that we are one second further away from replying to our leads and working towards turning our leads into customers. Those wasted second could make all the difference between making a deal or losing out to another Pro. Just thinking about that is a terrifying thought I'm sure you'll agree.