Getting Leads I Don't Want...

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I set my account up to receive leads for Architectural Services, 3D Modeling, and Animations.  Most of the leads that I get are for Illustrations.  Is there some way to filter out the Illustrations leads?


Re: Getting Leads I Don't Want...

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@wojocad are you receiving Direct Leads for those services or are they Opportunities? You want to be the first pro a customer reaches out to. If you’re not, the "Opportunities" section of your Leads tab is where you get a second chance. The customers here have already reached out to other pros, but you could still be a great fit and let them know you're interested.

You may see projects and jobs here that don't always apply to your preferences. If you'd like to see less of these, visit your Opportunities page and "Advanced Settings" at the bottom. There you can turn of the option "Suggest jobs related to my services".

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