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Getting leads when marked busy

Hey there, 

Despite marking certain dates as "busy" and blocking them in my calendar, I am still getting some leads that are automatically paid for. A situation like this just occured and I would like someone to refund us that money and help fix this problem moving forward. 

Thank you!

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Moderator Kameron

Re: Getting leads when marked busy

@TechBear We can certainly take a look if you share that recent example with us here, or you can reach out to our support teams via chat, email, or phone: Contact us.

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Re: Getting leads when marked busy

Same thing has been happening to me.  They credited two back, but are now balking at the 3rd one.  I also had a lead where the guy said the blocked feature isn't working on Chrome, but he thought he'd inquire to see if I was free anyway.  That message mysteriously disappered though.

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