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topic id 32826: Raising prices but do not state what the prices are!!!!!
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topic id 26197: Paying twice for the same lead
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Ghost call

I would like to comment on Ghost leads. Today I found out that I was charged almost $20. I asked the representative to tell mr about the charge to my account. I gave her the charge number logged with my account. It actually was the same number twice. She said she can't give me any information about the the call. Know let me remind you I never received the information on what the customer's name was. This is Theft. If she can't provide a name then they have no business taking money from me. Has anyone else had this issue

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Re: Ghost call

@ApplianceDr I'd like to take a second look into this instance with you. If you can send me a direct message with the amount you were charged or any additional context it'd be a big help. 

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Ghosting, and similar issues

I've been trying really hard to be patient, but am likely finished spending money here. This is the 1st time in a long time (since all the changes) that I've sent out several quotes. In return, I got two small jobs, from those jobs, I will barely cover the cost of the number of potential leads that simply asked when I was available (my answer was "as soon as you'd like") and they then simply disappeared. The others I paid for were leads just looking for advice and info regarding a property they do not even own, with no intention whatsoever of hiring anyone for anything. If we are going to keep getting charged for obvoius bogus leads, I'm moving on, and doubling down on the other lead services we use. I expect to be criticised privately for bringing this forward in the community, but am obvoiusly going to pass this info on to colleagues, and competitors because I can't stand seeing people being treated unfairly (even our competitors) and know we (the pros) are the only ones actually trying to help one another when it comes to being charged for bogus leads that TT SHOULD be properly screening before charging us ridiculous amounts for leads that have no possibility of generating any revenue for the pros. It's probably just that our profile needs work. Right?
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Re: Ghosting, and similar issues

Same. I have no problems paying if the leads even seemed real or if they responded. I had to turn off promote as I was ghosted too often. Now I just get stuff in the jobs tab that is states away from where I live. Stinks.
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Re: Ghosting, and similar issues

I am going to severely limit my posts in these boards for reasons that need not be discussed here, but I will ask a question for all to ponder.
What is different here? Why are the leads so different? Is it demographics, market profiling? What is it?
I ask because so many of us report that the ghost rate on our other lead services is materially smaller than what we see here.
What's different on TT that doesn't exist on our other far more productive channels to find business?
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Re: Ghosting, and similar issues

@SeekinsContract we understand that it's frustrating when you hear from customers initially and they then end up ghosting you. Be sure to check out this article here with some tips on what to do in those situations. 
If you have a customer that states they're just looking for advice regarding property and don't have any intention on hiring someone, please let us know! If you send me the first names of the customers, I'll look into them and see if it's something we can refund. 

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Re: Ghosting, and similar issues

@Meckell thanks for the reply, no need to refund, I have already chosen to reduce my budget by 80% for now. I will see what comes from the much safer/smaller spending budget, and look at it again in a few weeks to decide what to do. It may just be that the new platform is not a good fit as far as spending/return for my particular situation. Feel free to look at my profile and messages to see what I am seeing about what we spend on one question leads that vanish in thin air. This may not be the fault of TT, and may simply be the potential client that simply doesn't mind wasting pros time, but TT doesn't help the matter by avoiding/failing to tell potential leads that they should be at least semi serious a about needing a pro before contacting us because although everything is free to them, we pay a fortune just to answer a question.
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Re: Ghosting, and similar issues

I am with you my friend. They really need to work on this or they will loose more service companies.
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Re: Ghosting, and similar issues

Workin' On My Profile as We Speak........When I'm Done I'm gonna run it Past the Team for an Opinion and any suggestions they can offer. ~ Hope Things Improve. I'm sure I could have a Better Profile and I'm sure that's the Culprit ~ Cheers ~ 

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Pro Cost Protection

Hello Pros.

The short story:

Problem: Thumbtack does not offer cost protection to Pros for idle and unresponsive customers.

Resolution: If customer is idle, doesn't log in or respond to messages for either 72 hours, or max 7 days, issue a credit to Pro. Note, this is not a refund, this way Thumbtack keeps the revenue, but allows Pros to use credits given for that amount to pursue other customers. Amend policy docs and prceedure to encompass such automated activity.

The Long Story:

It appears that many Pros suffer from this big revenue drain that keeps occuring over and over - idle / non-responsive / "ghosting" customers.

In many cases, and about 70% of the time in our case, we respond to a job with a personalized quote, competative, and in a timely manner (according to best practices), and then we wait... and then follow-up, and again the next day, and the next... but it does not matter. The customer does not respond. Then what? TT policy does not cover idle customer, nor gurarantees the "hire" for the job.

On the Thumbtack's side, we have to pay attention to the company's revenue stream. Essentially, protect the company's financial interests too. The proposed solution is one that offers a rather sensible, middle of the way approach. No new revenue is generated when a credit is issues, but also no revenue is lost that has already been collected from Pros.

The long term solution also involves more effort and development features to more effectively notify a customer of all quotes/responses entice the customer response. For the purpose of this discussion, we are not going any deeper into that function.

The most immediate remedy is to patch the heavy bleeding of costs devoted to bad and unresponsive customer leads. It is nobody's fault, other than the customer, but they don't have any penalties or skin in the game, hence they "ghost" without a worry. They don't even know that this causes Pros a financial loss, but TT does not want to blatenly state that to the customer in fear of scarring them away from seeking a quote for a given job.

What are your thoughts? Please keep the conversation focused more on the solutions.