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What is the current policy on Ghosts?

I asked for a refund on a customer that ghosted me.  She reached out to me on Promote.  She used the pre fab question "Can you give an estimate?".  I asked her to provide me with more details about the project.  No response from her for 6 days.

My refund request was rejected.  In the email from Thumbtack it said "The customer reached out to learn more about your business, which is why you paid for this lead. It’s possible the customer may still reply, and you can also send follow-up messages to the customer for free. Follow-up messages are a quick way to show you’re still interested in working together."

I've already asked a follow up question, which is basically the same question again...asking for more details in order to provide the customer with an accurate quote.

So my questions to Thumbtack are:

1)  Do I get a refund of the customer never replies to my second question?  If not, how about a third question?

2)  Why do the non-paying customers get treated better than us paying Pros in this situation?  Under the "What's coming in June?/Targeting Offer/Promote" landing page it says "Customers should never contact a pro and not hear back."

3)  What is the current policy on Ghosts that contact Pros via Promote and never respond BEFORE the Pro has given a quote? 

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Re: What is the current policy on Ghosts?

@StoriesUpSTL if you watch this video here, you'll see that you're charged for the first time a customer reaches out to you. When a customer reaches out to you through search results, they're usually asking for more info, or are wanting to schedule a call or a booking. That's them showing interest. If you're promoting and the lead matches your preferences, that's when you're charged. We understand that it's frustrating when customers ghost you, but as of right now it's not something we refund for as they reached out initially showing interest. Check out our Refunds article to refresh what does qualify for a refund. If you have any charges you want me to look into, be sure to send me a private message. 

Re: What is the current policy on Ghosts?

The current policy, as has been explained to me, is that we the pros pay for all ghosts. TT has a weird position of asserting that follow up messages are a cure for the ghosted clients. How strange! If these one click tire kickers ignore our initial response, why would TT expect them to answer to a second or third message? Let's hear an explanation on that.

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Too bad

I've been with Thumbtack for several years. I used to happily spend 100+ a month for LEGIT leads.

Now, the only leads I get are GHOST leads. The ones who contact ME for an estimate - but never respond. Even if it's NOT the "perfect match" that Thumbtack says it is, I respond. WHY? Because I've already paid for the GHOST lead.

The only response I do get? From Thumbtack, telling me I have reached my weekly quota for bids and I should raise my weekly quota.

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Re: Too bad

@Kukucka520 I'm sorry to hear about the number of unresponsive customers you've been getting recently. Be sure to check out this post about ways to try and tackle these types of leads: What to do if a customer ghosts you. We realize this is a pain point pros are dealing with more and more often and that this is something that we're working towards reducing.

Re: Too bad

You admit that ghost leads are ocurring "more and more often". Obviously mismanagment on TT's part is the cause. We pros do not encorage empty leads, YOU do. As, by your admission, it occurs at greater frequency than before, then this is a result of TT's policy changes and lack of oversight. Do you really believe sending us off to another link is a solution? Why don't you just tell us what YOU are going to do about it?

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Paying for dead leads.

I get leads the are automaticly paid for asking for my availiblity then nothing follows! Is this a scam?

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Re: Paying for dead leads.

@LeeCormier definitely not a scam, however, we understand that it's frustrating when customers reach out initially and then you don't hear back. Be sure to check out this post here to see tips on what to do when customers ghost you. 

As far as when you're charged, I want to make sure there isn't any confusion on that. This article goes through when and how you're charged. Check that out and feel free to reach out with any further questions. We're always here to help! 

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Just a few notes from a Thumbtack Pro (retired Navy Chaplain and Wedding Officiant). The Thumbtack platform can be very useful once you understand that you (the Pro) need to concentrate on what you can control: Your profile, your reputation, detailed quotes, etc and understand that customer base is now and will always be a variable. I have spoken to and known pros from many different professions (and come from a family of contractors) so I can appreciate the frustration with the "range" of customers encountered. Thumbtack support is a strong part of their platform, and their customer and tech support staffs do follow up and listen to the pros. The alternative "platforms" are far less useful and helpful. One last note: I am retired military so I have personally seen the good, bad, and yes, ugly when it comes to decisions and wasted of time. cHope this point of view is helpful. 

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Re: Ghosting

@ncnavyguy thanks for sharing your point of view on Thumbtack and the recognition of our support teams. We pride ourselves on our customer service and it's always so great to hear when those efforts are recognized. I also want to sincerely say thank you very much for your service to our country. Another pro just recently wrote about his time in the Air-Force and how that's helped shape his business. Be sure to take a look and feel free to share some of your story as well HERE

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