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topic id 32826: Raising prices but do not state what the prices are!!!!!
topic id 33199: IDEA- Integrity & Balance by Customers & Pros
topic id 32384: Private Chef/Catering Pricing
topic id 26197: Paying twice for the same lead
topic id 25265: Make pro pricing and rates more upfront for customers
topic id 24883: Filtering out customers with certain budgets based on pro preferences
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33% Ghost Rate - What's your Rate?

I did not think about it much because I have had work to keep me busy. But it would be a far reach to think these ghosts are leads when all they did was make one thumb press that cost me money and gave it to Thumbtack. Searching their names on the internet turned up no hits. One actually turned out to be a teenager. It is doubtfull that a teenager is buying a house and needs it inspected.

I will gladly pay for the phone number and I will make the call, but questions like "----- would like to schedule a phone call" that cost me anything is unacceptable.

Thumbtack should stop inviting the job posters to take our money with one click.

John C Hansen, LEED AP
Hansen Home Inspections
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Re: 33% Ghost Rate - What's your Rate?

99.9% since TT implemented Promote. Before Promote, 3-5% Ghost rate.

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Lead Policy

I just found out something about TT's policy on leads today. When we, the Pros pay for a lead, we are not informed as to whether or not the customer is alerted by email, text, or their TT account. If the customer only wants an alert to their account, and they are not inclined to check up on any follow ups, then sending them a follow up does nothing! A customer like that, who never reads their incoming messages is not worth my efforts; even it's free. I will pay for a lead that includes actual follow up information. The high percentage of ghosting is caused directly by a segment of customers who do not take this site seriously.

What is furthermore dismaying is TT's practice of putting the burden of conversion on us. We have done our part with due diligence, strong profiles, double digit 5 star reviews, multiple hires and professional presentation. TT is still not taking responsibility for its shortcomings. As the one click templates provide an amusing (and seemingly bingeful) past time for so many, then it is time for TT to step up and do the right thing. That would elevate them to their former professional status.

Currently, TT advertises itself to us as an introductory service. It needs to work on that. The product has gotten shoddy.


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Re: Ghost call

I would be charged for a lead that was bogus. I would get a message saying ( name) requests your availability. Respond quick. Well that's a lead so I'm charged through auto pay cuz that's what they recommend. So I respond in a timely manner just to get nothing back. No response No message saying they cancelled project, or Anything. Just a template message asking for my availability. I complained and they refunded me that lead in thumbtack credit not cash back on my card. To me that's bogus. They still got my money. I had to stop using auto pay cause it always happened.
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Losing Confidence in TT (ghosts, fakes, high cost of leads)

From ghosts to fake customers and now an adversarial response from chat support regarding a recent pair of suspicious leads. (I wasn't even asking for a refund)

Two people from a 28,000 population desert town claiming to be "best friends with Warren G" ( a famous rapper ). But rather than answering my questions "How is TT ensuring Pros that customers are not fake?", I am given the adversarial and underhanded response of "Can you prove these customers are fake?".

The onus is on TT to prove to the Pros that customers are real, not the other way around. Furthermore, my question was not answered.

Our experience with Thumbtack has devolved drastically. It seems that TT has a policy of loyalty toward the unpaying customers.

Frankly, I have been very hesitant to hit the "accept" button on the majority of leads coming in. Unless I see pictures or other detailed information, I often pass. I absolutely cannot afford any losses to ghosts or fakes, the margins are already tight enough with paying TT, on average, %10 per job.

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Re: Losing Confidence in TT (ghosts, fakes, high cost of leads)

@nicklong I'm sorry to hear that your recent experiences have led to you to have some distrust with recent customers. The majority of the customers you meet on Thumbtack are trustworthy. We have extensive systems in place to ensure that customers that use the site are authentic. However, if you do come across a customer or situation you’re not sure about, let us know by reporting it and we'll be happy to take a second look to verify. 

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Re: Losing Confidence in TT (ghosts, fakes, high cost of leads)

@Kameron Your response to nicklong's query as to how TT screens leads for authenticity appears vague. He asked how it is done. Telling us that "extensive systems are in place" can mean anything. Why don't you just tell us what these "systems in place" are? Given the overwhelming majority of ghosting that is reported, it behooves one to wonder if any screening is used at all. Could you explain in detail what it is you are trying to say about these "systems in place"? Thank you.


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Re: Losing Confidence in TT (ghosts, fakes, high cost of leads)

I made the conscious decision to spend $75 on a lead the other day as Thumbtack informed me that I was the only one this client was interested in. I have since sent three follow-ups extremely politely as well and leaving my phone number and business email. This is the first quote I’ve sent in months because it’s $75; the same as our high-speed Internet bill At the office.

So Thumbtack pitched this client to me because according to them they were only interested in me and the client has now ghosted.

How am I supposed have confidence in the system and when do I get my money back like I used to.

When the credits we used to bid on were three and five dollars thiswasn’t that big of a deal but now your prices are 30 times higher and I’m 30 times more pissed.

As an aside the pros that used to love your business model I believe grew the company not through their service but through word-of-mouth and how amazing it was; and we no longer do that because your service is no longer amazing.
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This Person is only interested in you

I was sold on a lead by thumbtack to send a message to a lead that was "ONLY INTERESTED IN ME".  He hadn't contacted any other pro's and was prompted to respond quickly and I did so within 30mins of Thumbtacks notification.  I never got a reply and followed up with the client the next day;  and the following day after that.  The Gentleman never wrote back to me on Thumbtack nor did he use the contact information I provided him in each of my responses. 


Obviously after a week I requested a refund and was soundly denied by thumbtack.  Now what is wrong with this picture?  I did everything asked of me within the time I'd supposed to execute it.  I even followed up on several occasions and covered all my bases as a consumate professional.  There is nothing I would do differently.


75$ pays for a lot in my business.

I can pay a chef for a full day of work

I can pay our high speed internet bill for the month

I can pay for our weekly tolls

I can pay for 2 janatorial staff visits

I can pay for a van rental


Why should I continue to gamble on this site/application?

I can't even get a resonse with a human like I used to.

75$ is a huge jump from the $3-$6 dollars I used to pay per lead 

We were refunded immediately after 48 hours

I could immeedately get a number to communicate with a human about my case

I used to be able to see if my message was read by the client

I used to be able to follow up DIRECTLY with the client as well.


You've taken away all of the tools I had to provide great service to everyone I interacted with on this application.  Now I can't even interact on this application.  My personal relationship with MOD's on the board are great and all but I'd like to get back to engaging with prospective clients. 


I need some reassurances or I have to walk.



Moderator taylor

Re: This Person is only interested in you

@DCFGCatering We know it can be frustrating when you don't hear back from a customer, but we want to help partner with you to see success on Thumbtack. While we cannot guarantee that you'll be hired from every lead, we want to be sure we're providing quality leads that you can have a real chance of winning. You can always refer to our refund policy and know when to dispute a charge by referring to our help site here. We've made a lot of changes recently to help better your experience as a pro on Thumbtack. These changes came from feedback that we received from pros like yourself. We're always happy to listen to our pros and take in constructive feedback to help us better our platform. To help our team better understand what tools you used the most, we'd love to have you tell us more. You can share your thoughts with us using our suggestions box. We want to be sure we're being fair with all of our pricing as well, so feel free to share your thoughts with us on what you think would be a fair price for leads in your category. We can then take in your feedback and make considerations for the future. The more detailed feedback we have the better we can understand how to help pros like yourself to see success.