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How Thumbtack Can Improve The Quality Of Leads

Thumbtack recently updated it's settings so that we can once again set a maximum distance for filtering leads. While I would personally love it if they just went back to the old system where we could set up our service area using the little map, it's a step in the right direction and I'll take what I can get.

That said I'd like to suggest a simple thing they could do to improve leads for the pros on here. How about an area where the customer, in their own words, briefly describes exactly what they need?

As a handyman, I'm constantly passing on leads that I would probably quote on if I had more information.

For example, here's a job posting from a day or two ago:

Job type: Handyman

Estimated hours: 2 - 5 hours (A few different projects)

Project type: Installation, Repairs

Project location: Bathroom, Living room

Work focus: Doors, Electrical, Lighting

Property type: Home

Zip code: 06042

Scheduling preferences: Dates: Jun 3, Jun 4, Jun 5, Jun 6, Jun 7

Times: Afternoon (12pm - 3pm), Late Afternoon (3pm - 6pm), Evening (after 6pm)
Allow pro to suggest other dates

While all of this information is great, I have NO idea what it is that they need done.  It could be anything. The fee to quote this job is $16.00. As of now, this quote has been up for 2-3 days.  No pros have responded to this customer, and I doubt that any will because anyone who does is basically gambling on whether or not they can do the work required. 

With no pros responding, Thumbtack has made exactly $0.00 on this request. A few quick sentences describing the work that the customer needs done would probably be enough to rectify this. 

It would make the customers happy because they'd be able to get more responses to their inquiries. It would make pros happy because they'd be getting better quality leads. And, it would make Thumbtack happy because they'd be getting paid for this lead. It seems like a no-brainer to me. 

Anyone else have any suggestions?

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Re: How Thumbtack Can Improve The Quality Of Leads

@JJLouis the new filter your speaking of applies directly to the secondary opportunities shown on the Jobs tab to help pros better sort through what's shown there. If a pro sets up their targeting preferences they will indeed go through the travel preferences section and choose the zip codes they'd like to be shown in on the search results. 

As for your feedback on this job and others like it, I can agree that it would be hard to want to accept the lead or quote on the job based on the details given here. In all jobs, we do give customers the option to explain more about their job, but it's not required. I'll make sure to share your suggestion that we require this in the handyman category specifically. 

Re: How Thumbtack Can Improve The Quality Of Leads

Kameron, ALL categories need to include customers' specific needs in their own words. You could not possibly provide an adequate supply of click on options that cover ll contingent consumer needs. Make it mandatory, include auto correct, and allow for 1000 letters.


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Job Description

Customers should be required to include a detailed job description in their posts.  The information included under the heading “project type” is usually not sufficient.  I can only speak for myself, but I never apply for a job unless I have a good idea about what the job involves and how long I think it will take to complete it.  Because of that, I pass on applying for at least fifty percent of jobs posted in my categories.

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Re: How Thumbtack Can Improve The Quality Of Leads

This is awesome and first day I started thumbtack I knew they were a little low on the infomation side.  As a GC I stopped doing patio additions because you get to the home owner and they have know idea what they want.  They expect you to come up with a design but they won't tell your their budget.  I only ask for budget to know what materials to get and how much work I can do.  Look forward to TT improving because I can tell they try.

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Re: How Thumbtack Can Improve The Quality Of Leads

@AceRandC I appreciate the vote of confidence. It's nice to know that as we strive to make the experience better on Thumbtack it hasn't gone unnoticed. You mentioned that you no longer do patio additions, but for other services that you offer are there any pieces of information that you feel could be helpful to see included more often in addition to budget?

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