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I do not know if my quotes are viewed

Why am I not informed as to whether or not the job poster has seen my response to their request? Furthermore, am I sending out follow ips to someone who does not read them? Why has TT decided to not keep me in the loop? As my partner, TT ought to tell me what it knows about the job poster. Partnership, in the true sense of the word, is about sharing. I see no point in keeping us in the dark as to the status of our accepted leads. I ask for a response from the TT staff what the reasoning behind this policy is.
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Re: I do not know if my quotes are viewed

Back in the good old days, we used to get a note "customer has viewed your quote".

That was really helpful, and at least I knew when to send a follow up note. Now, not knowing, I am afraid of either not sending a follow up - what if they never saw my original quote, or sending a follow up too soon and the customer thinks I am being pushy.

Cranichik 8-5-19


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Re: I do not know if my quotes are viewed


As per @JasonB February Updates,

that option was taken away from us because they want us to focus on customer interactions. On March 1, @Kameron passed on our suggestions to keep the viewed our offer or message. But as of today, we still don't have that option returned to us.

DJ Stevie 8-5-2019


Moderator Meckell

Re: I do not know if my quotes are viewed

Thanks for referring back to that @DJStevie@ChefOfAllSeason @cranichik this is indeed something pros saw in the past. The reason why you don't anymore is that we want you to focus on your interactions with customers once they contact you because that’s when you can continue the conversation and win the job! We've heard quite a bit of feedback in the Community from pros saying they want this option back. We are definitely passing along that feedback so thank you for voicing your concerns. 

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Re: I do not know if my quotes are viewed

@Meckell Thank you for the speed in which you respond to our posts.

I must disagree with the assertion that removing the option so we may "focus on our interactions" in anyway improves our ability to "win the job". The conversation will still continue just so long as the customer remains engaged; or is a ghost.

To be blunt, the entire notion is ludicrous (almost to the point of insult) because knowledge, of any sort, never interferes with any interaction. Who is anyone to tell us we can not successfully handle knowledge? I also find it presumptious that TT would think that it knows better than us on how to interact with customers.

Are Thumbtack's ways of interacting with us so superior that they deign to think we require its guideance?

Is it possible there are other reasons for this strange policy?

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Re: I do not know if my quotes are viewed

Bring this option back! How much longer do we have to wait?
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Re: I do not know if my quotes are viewed

@Meckell so, this was taken away in February, Pros are upset about it, and want it back, it was supposedly passed on in the feedback world, yet 6 months later nothing has been done.

This is just one of the many reasons I can't use thumbtack anymore. How can we interact if we don't know if a quote was seen?

Cranichik 8-6-2019

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We Need To Be Notified If A Customer Read Our Quotes

This feature was terminated without consulting us. Why were we not consulted for our feedback? We who pay for the lead are entitled to know it's status.

Thumbtack's position is that they believe we should be focused on interacting with the customer who actually does respond. Thumbtack is incorrect. Thumbtack presumes to know what is best for us. 

This notion, of course, contradicts the claim that it is an introductory service. Once that introduction is made by us we need to know if our transmission was received. 

To remove this feature arbitrarily exhibits a fundamental misunderstanding of how a successful professional operates. To tell us how to focus on our customers is highly presumptious and most egregious.

This peculiar and unnecessary practice lessens the value of all leads across the board and further discourages future purchases of your product, the devalued lead.

Pro Tip: Never tell someone who pays you for goods or services that he/she is incapable of making good decisions about where to place his/her focus and therefore not entitled to know the outcome of their purchase.

As it does not harm nor deplete Thumbtack to return this valuable feature; no plausible reason exists. 

Give us an explanation that does not presume Thumbtack knows better than us how to focus on anything or anyone. 

Give us an explanation why Thumbtack is not focusing on us and our needs.